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The panel backlight adjustment will not work. OZSN From the member monitor.

Результаты поиска для 0Z960S

MPEF From the participant monitor. If someone has broken the TV and does not show, we recommend dwtasheet link: To remove the protection, hang the LED on the 12th leg.

Hi Bob I tried with a new vga datasyeet, same result. The lamps are in order tested on another inverter. All times are GMT The protection was removed by connecting the LED to 18 pins on the ground. The native condender for this pin is evaporated, in its place-a resistor. I tried with a resistor – the protection turned off. I don’t know where to measure the blon as mentioned above. Removal of protection for BIT For lack of near at hand, this soldered 11 kOhm.


The backlight does not work. Hi Bob I did the torch test, cannot see the video signal from my desktop. This blocks the protection of both driver channels. Information was kindly provided by Rottor at the repair forum monitor. OZGN 8pin after 10com to the ground. UBA – the first leg on the mass. MSC From the participant monitor.

Thank you for sharing a well compiled service information required in a repair workshop. UBA From the participant monitor.

OBQP From the participant monitor. STR-H From the participant monitor. If got chance I will test it and revert. BDFS Information provided by the comporator: Just found the inverter IC datasheet, measured the Vcc in, only 5. Last edited by Bobdee; at Joint efforts and researches of masters of various repair conferences were options for blocking the protection of inverters in order to obtain the possibility of diagnostics.

Really too low voltage to turn on inverter Datashewt. Time did not have enough to look for the best option, saved the supply of 3. That’s parallel to him and solder.

I also notice, every time I pulled out the vga connector to the lcd monitor and connect it back, the lcd display for a second and shut down.


Electronic Components IC,Capacitor,Resistors,Diodes,Transistors Supplies Manufacturers,Datasheet

When the trench windings are tampered, a small spread is observed in the resistance of the secondary windings within 10 ohms. For a long time I tried to do something on the reverse link, nothing happened. SSSN From the participant monitor. The transformer part number on it is HJC-S OBQP to remove the protection can be as follows: Zener is not needed, in this inclusion it still does not work.

BIT is similar shamrin monitor.

【0Z960S MICROCHI】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

For your last datashet, I did not do the test as I had desoldered the transformer out. Information for casual visitors and for TV owners: LED on the body.

APM-G1 From the participant monitor. Find More Posts by gobbler. BITA From the participant monitor. But the LED from the 6 output to the mass has perfectly helped and the telly has taken the other’s lamps.