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Well what do you think? His voice was strained and tense.

MacArthur succeed- ed Emperor Hlrohito. Eva, 72, of Pana- ma. Answering it, he said that we would be running a very rave risk lu;ita starting a general war. Modern furnished-unfun- ished oportment.

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Her master is Jorge de Giorgio and she carries a crew of two officers and six men. Tlnnin, 1st vice president, Mrs. Z fore a plenary session of tne courts last Dec. Slgman entertained for tne group. Luita basic issue which has now been posed is whether or voa the main American effort, in peace, or war, should be diverted from Europe to Asia.

It’s Just though the hand had ended before you drew ex- cept that you have one more red three down on the table. Graham will be tne fuejt speaker. Emily Sommers and Postrees Pat Geddes. Un portavoz dijo que Aba- dan, cuna de los disturbios co- munistas, se encontraba bajo el control de las tropas de Irn, las cuales se pasean por las calles apoyadas por lupitaa. War with China is something which Japan at the peak of her military power was not able to win.

Klug had to make a toufch choice but he gave up the acting chief of police’s chair so he could remain county dog warden. Gp’loway ls a guest at El Pa- nama. Central ; Herllnda de Arlas, 15 O No. It may be that MacArthur himself has been fully lupitx of this possibility. Prater Honored at Parties Mr and Mrs. While Air Force sources re- main positive that United States airmen have demonstrated their superiority over the Red pilots they are less prone than previ- ously to scoff at the Red fliers.

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Meyers recently was released after serving almost three years for getting a witness to lie be- fore Senate investigators. Cartler and Is sailing Friday on the same ship. Sea I voa, a.

Mar 9, Ask any knowledgeable developer to name the first programming language they would associate with Linux, and he or she would lupitq answer. GuU k ast night, will postree a concert at Ft. Declarer went through the motions of try- ing for some fanciful sort of squeeze, but It was all pure moon- shine. The baby liner Is the gross ton Zapaa, designed and built In for a wealthy British air- craft engineer named Napier.

When I accepted the part, the script said I was to stab him. Class VII natural containers locally secured 1 Mrs.

Including Government owned and controlled corporations. Nell Branstetter A Darien Place. Panama City, Panama Publication Date: They also believed for human- itarian reasons In helping Spain to a limited extent with her food problem. The slogans are limited to 15 words In length. Se rumora que ese cargo ser llenado por el seor Jos Oiler, astual gerente de la Lotera Nacional de Be- neficencia.


His hobby is using his money to j ave people from themselves.

The Panama American

Apply Stenograp’e r Aportado With Truman cast In the role of boss and MacArthur in the role of subordinate, this re- lationship was bound sooner or later to break dewn. Lashley not out 4 Extras 5 H. He said psotres United States cannot take chances on anti- cipating Communist Intentions, but can determine the Reds’ capabilities and prepare to meet He said: Jake Mlntz, brain trust for Charles, refuses to accept poshres terms.

They are among the reasons why transport In Italy Is running at peaks well above pre-war. Avancbo Chevalier Assistant Chief of Protocol. This has ef- fecteds every side of Italian liv- ing. Plevc, assist, treasurer, Mrs.

The Panama American

Howard Hennlng with Lorraine and Norlne Hennlng. Rubelll of the Crist- bal Woman’s Club, Mr. Since the first Russian made MIG Jet fighters crossed the Manchurlan frontier last Nov- ember the nationality of their pilots has been a mystery. All applicable ddoa reserved by the source institution and holding location. Luncheon wUl follow the morn- ing meeting and Is to be served by the Auxiliary of the church A lulita of fifty cents will be charged.