TOEIC Listening (Photographs) provides audio exercises based on part I of the TOEIC test written excellent preparation for other English exams. The TOEIC . TOEIC based listening comprehension answers – Read more about exercises, transcripts, refer, audio, toeic and comprehension. Download TOEIC Listening (Photographs) free via AppsHawk. TOEIC Listening ( Photographs) provides audio exercises based on part I of the TOEIC test.

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A hospital ward Playing paint ball TOEIC listening 29 Kids at the playground A green valley A group photo with guitars Methods of transportation A girl by mailboxes The oil rig The clothes shop Towic listening 15 The five star bedroom Plunging into the swimming pool A protest march Old style transport Yoeic man in a hardhat An emergency vehicle With the pilots Join more thanlearners!


A happy child The horse race TOEIC listening 24 A row of tippie tents A women in an office Make up time TOEIC listening 52 Examining lab samples An exotic performer TOEIC listening 12 Shopping in the market Resting by the pyramid TOEIC listening 32 Children having fun Sitting on the dock Reading on an airplane TOEIC listening 25 Single white water canoe A meeting room Walking on the street Sitting by the pond Playing beach volleyball On the canal Going for a walk A heavy truck load.

Hiking in the mountains TOEIC listening 7