Simodrive 6RA27 LIVE PLC Questions And Answers. Join Date: Nov Location: UK. Posts: 5, Here’s what one of the manuals says. List of ebooks and manuels about Simodrive 6ra27 manual – DC- Servo Simodrive 6RADV Siemens 6RA27 90 Amp DC Drive Beg. On CNC-Shopping Intl website, Buy online SIEMENS SIMODRIVE 6RA Simoreg Spindle drive control board or complete drive. Find SIEMENS SIMOREG 6RA.

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Check P and P, janual field current with ammeter. The 1HU3 motor has a rated voltage of V. Inverted fault can be used for output to a binary output. To compensate for the large time constant T1 it is necessary for the reset time Tn of the controller to correspond to this T1.


As the old converters did not usually include a closed-loop controlled field device, which made a commutation reactor superfluous, a commutation reactor must be retrofitted for the field circuit if the field supply is used in 6RA The motor must remain stopped during current controller optimization. Possible fault on the CUD1. However, the latest version of the software should always be installed, irrespective of the hardware, available in the Internet under http: PMU simple operator panel: At this point in time both thyristors involved are conducting at the same time commutation short circuit.

The source from which controlling is performed is parameterized in P Check optimization of the controlled system. The connector is set at P The point of transition from discontinuous to continuous mahual is influenced by the inductance in the load kanual and is approx.

Sheet G, display control word 1 via r, see also K The function descriptions are to be found in Chapter 9 of the Operating Instructions, a short-hand summary of the most frequently used functions is given below: The original error message that led to F can be read out of fault value r Measurement of electrical variables Electrical variables that can be measured with a multimeter: Firing pulses for MI1 to MI6 present.



If above is OK or fault value 5: Possible cause during 4Q operation might be line undervoltage, brief line interruption msnual braking operation. Additionally, multiplying influence on the limit is possible by entering the required connector number in P Keep pressing the P key until a letter with a number is displayed, this is the parameter number display, which can be changed using the UP and DOWN keys.

Limit Alpha W is required to provide the necessary protection angle to allow the thyristor to block before commutation to the next thyristor. Kp is the gain of the P element. Products that are new, refurbished, used or for standard exchange service have been fully cleaned, checked mwnual tested via simulators or test rigs when available by our skilled technicians prior to their sale.

SIMOREG K 6RA23 Instruction Manual |

F, F, F, F, F, F, these must be activated as required recommended, for example, for F, F for hoisting gear applications, or F, F for motor monitoring. Ideal direct voltage Udi: Motor speed drifts when speed setpoint is zero More at: You will find the item number of the module in the screen print on the module, it is CA First PZD must always be control word 1 Control Word 1 and its bit 10 11th bit because bits are counted from zero must be set to H.

Setting the ramp-function manuzl to the content of the connector number in P Commutation reactor, Catalog LV See also Operation Instructions Chapter 10, fault description for F and Chapter 11, description for parameter P Check parameter P and P 6rz27 k2 is dependent on the number of armature windings and the dimensions of manal machine. Unknown delivery time – expected delivery date sent by email after order. The thyristor will only remain conductive 6r2a7 the holding current is reached.

Parallel connection or series connection of motors on a shared 6RA Effects of the commutation notchs on loads in the same power system: Line voltage sensed via the ignition cable for the thyristors, see Section 6.


Restart parameterized and return of the supply voltage within the parameterized restart time in P Direct Current Current in thyristor: The output of the ramp-function generator is the speed setpoint value for the following speed controller, Sheet G It calculates the deviation between the speed setpoint and actual value and prescribes the setpoint for the following lower-level manul controller after an intermediate torque calculation.

Simodrive 6ra27 manual

This is a pure manuall, feeding of external voltages at these terminals is not permitted. The software correctly sets the new parameters of the newer software version automatically, the old parameter settings are kept. Failure to mznual the relevant Operating Instructions may result in death, serious injury or considerable material damage. An additional number of Alpha W pulses can be set via P and P, which are executed before the torque direction is changed, and which is required for supplying large inductances, see also the description of applications on field supplies and FAQ for the use of large inductances on the SIMOREG.

Compare display of line voltage field with measured voltage If measured voltages are not OK: Conducting direction and non-conducting direction low resistance result approx. Lower value of the setpoint step change, e. Direct sensing of the line voltage mannual the power section does not result in dependency of the assignment of the phase angle for the power section with respect to the electronics current supply.

On weak-frequency networks, frequency changes of up to 10 Hz per second are permissible. If the fault message cannot be eliminated, it is permissible to suppress F via P Possible faults during the optimization runs are F or F The armature supply is obtained from a fully janual three-phase bridge-connected converter in anti-parallel connection, operating in the circulating current free mode.