Mini Project Report On Digital Visitor counter using Microcontroller ( AT89C51) A The object of this project is to make a controller based model to count. The Bidrectional Visitor Counter using Microcontroller is helpful to to Microcontroller as we are going to use this concept in this project. . AT89C51 ( based Microcontroller); Programmer; Push Button. tsofcom/bidirectional-visitor-counter/. Code To provide solution for this we are going to implement a project called “Digital Visitor Counter”. Microcontroller: This is the CPU (central processing unit) of our project.

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They, along with IR receivers, are commonly used as sensors. This switch is controlled by the coil in the control circuit.

Bidirectional Visitor Counter

The use of field- programmable devices on a microcontroller may allow field update of the firmware or permit late factory revisions to products that have been assembled but not yet shipped.

To use transformer A. For example, a general purpose processor might require several instructions to test a bit in a register and branch if the bit is set, where a micro-controller could have a single instruction to provide that commonly required function.

It closes the circuit when the relay is activated.

Automatic bidirectional visitor counter using 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51)

Many times we need to monitor the Electricity is one of the most important resources in this century. You can supply voltage through this pin, or, if supplying voltage via the power jack, access it through this pin. The Atmega is a very popular microcontroller chip produced by Atmel. Microcontrollers are designed for embedded applications, in contrast to the microprocessors used in personal computer or other general purpose applications consisting of various discrete chips.


ICxx to Hold Diggital.

Each pole has contacts that can be thrown in mainly visiyor ways. Usually in the infrared spectrum, all the objects radiate some form of thermal radiations. De-Energized Relay OFF In simple, when a voltage is applied to pin 1, the electromagnet activates, causing a magnetic microcotroller to be developed, which goes on to close the pins 2 and 4 causing a closed circuit.

We know that energies like wind energy, solar energy and hydro energy are called renewable energy sources which are renewable in nature. Whether they are input or output is set in the software. The device operates between 1. They are designed to act as two SPDT relays which are actuated by a single coil.

By this function all the faults during transmission prouect reception can be detected and isolated.

Almost all microcontrollers have at least two different kinds of memory, a non-volatile memory for storing firmware and a read-write memory for temporary data. While on the one hand most simulators will be limited from being unable to simulate much other hardware in a system, they can exercise conditions that may otherwise be hard to reproduce at will in the physical implementation, and can be the quickest way to debug and analyze problems.

Thus the output of the comparator goes low, but the LED does not glow. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


Provide 8-bit PWM output with the analogWrite function. As shown, the power source is given to the electromagnet through a control switch and through contacts to the load.

Once it reaches zero, it sends an interrupt to the processor indicating that it has finished counting. The output section consists of contactors which connect or disconnect mechanically. Because at that interesting about digital circuits, need a constant 5V 1A fixed power supply.

Microcontroller (AT89C51) based Digital Visitor Counter Project

They jicrocontroller used to control a NO contact and also a NC contact with a common terminal. Programmable memory also reduces the lead time required for deployment of a new product. The outputs of comparators are connected to digital pin number 9 of Micro-controller. They are very useful devices and allow one circuit to switch another one while they are completely separate.

Since this project uses 2 infrared sensors, it can be used as Bidirectional person microcontrollrr as well. Janardhana Raju, Dean School of Engineering for providing us by means of attaining my cherished goals. The board can operate on an external supply of 6 to 20 volts. Help Center Find new research papers in: To overcome this problem, the camera on a cellphone can be used.