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Make sure the T-bar ends of the —6 point models point away from your body. The twin brackets must point towards the strap slot in the seat when being installed. Run strap end through slot at LV 4 and then from underneath through webbing slot at bracket. These torques as listed below are defined by national or international standardisation organisations.

Slack from such anti-sub strap routing will allow a buckle ride up during an accident which results in higher upper torso and head movement.

Schroth asm autocontrol abe download

Never re-use a harness belt that has been in an accident of any type. This position will allow adjustment without interfering in an uncomfortable manner with your upper thighs. Wrap strap end around roll bar again [third loop] and thread through DRing slide again. Only manufacturer specified roll cage bars must be used for racing harness installation thereto.

Route webbing through brackets by following these instructions: Installation Material and tooling needed: Bolts must be long enough to fill the thread hole completely with all bushings, spring washers, spacers etc. Such routing does not provide the desired anti-submarining effect, and in fact encourages submarining, which can cause severe injury and death.


This increases the risk of head impact, head and neck injuries gutte internal injury. Never run the anti-submarining straps over the front edge of a factory seat down to the floor. The date of manufacture is indicated on all three SFI labels — [1] at the lap belt, [2] at the shoulder harness and [3] at the Gurye Strap. FIA labelled as 4-point, 5-point and 6-point version so any configuration can be used.

Make sure the bracket has not turned out of direction of pull.

The bars must directly clamp on to each other without providing pre space for webbing. Loosely worn lap belts may result in increased pelvic movement, submarining and will create extra load on the anti-sub straps. Bolt-in Bracket B 18 This bracket is mainly used for 5-point anti-sub straps. If this is not achieved, check for proper strap routing and follow these instructions step by step again. Therefore, we ask the drivers, mechanics, teams and race car manufacturers to read and heed the information in this manual carefully.

This requirement can be achieved by following the instructions set forth below: The webbing must be wrapped tightly! The only accessible hard points are the following: Over-tightening bolts may destroy the thread and allow the bolt to separate during a crash.

Installation- and Operating Instructions for Racing Harnesses

Regulations may change with short notice and may not be incorporated into these instructions at the date of purchase. In case of a a low seating position e. Always secure wrap around attachments against lateral sliding on the roll cage bar. The following minimum measures must be met: Large pliers work well for this purpose. The bracket may stick to your drill bit and the bracket and attached webbing and its hardware may spin and may heavily injure or even kill you.


Anti-sub straps must not be redirected. These racing harnesses MUST be replaced two years after the month and year of manufacture.

A higher backrest declination, e. The anti-submarining strap routing over the upper thighs and attachment to the shoulder belt latches with the buckle in between, does not provide a direct load path from the shoulder belts down to the anti-submarining strap anchor points.

Webbing is therefore improperly routed and not folded back to the final part of the wrap to secure the 3-bar slide. Make sure the webbing is not damaged during bracket bending or the webbing may fail during an accident. Any drilled hole for racing harness attachment must be strengthened by a reinforcement plate meeting FIA specification see list of accessories on Page 62 SCHROTH recommends, whenever possible and suitable, the use of existing factory provided anchor points for the lap- and shoulder belts.

Select direction of angled bracket. Fold strap end over the wider bar of LV 4 and back through the gap between bracket bar and LV 4 bar. In case the bolt diameter to be used does not fit with the bracket hole, contact your dealer or the importer for help. Protech Seating Limited Corbeau: Loose anti-sub straps will allow the lap belt to ride up during an accident and create submarining or increase head trajectory.