The Book of Abramelin tells the story of an Egyptian mage named Abraham or Abra-Melin, who Dehn attributed authorship of The Book of Abramelin to Rabbi Yaakov Moelin (Hebrew יעקב בן משה מולין; ca. –), a German Jewish. The Book of Abramelin: A New Translation – Revised and Expanded (Book, ) by Abraham von Worms, Edited by Georg Dehn, Translated by Steven Guth. Buch Abramelin. Ed. G. Dehn, Saarbrücken ) These texts have additional material and reflect a more elaborate operation. One notable difference is that the .

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Since the time of Mathers’ translation, The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage has remained popular among English-speaking ceremonial magicians and occultists interested in Hermetic QabalahChristian Kabbalah and grimoires. Mathers inand a second edition was published in by J. In order to show that man ought to make use of the good things of the Lord by applying them unto a good end, that is to say, unto his honour and glory, both for his own use and that of his neighbour; I will describe in a few words in this present chapter many and the most considerable operations which I have carried out; and the which, with the aid of the all-powerful Lord and of the holy angels, by the means of this art I have easily conducted unto the desired end.

Review: The Book of Abramelin (ed. Georg Dehn)

All of the German texts describe a duration for the operation of 18 months before any divine contact is known. French manuscript from the Bibl. As soon as I returned, the thief although he was a Bishop! The dwarfs and elves of the Scandinavians; the nymphs, hamadryads, and nature spirits of the Greeks; the fairies good and bad of the legends dear to our childish days; the host of mermaids, satyrs, fauns, sylphs, and fays; the forces intended to be attracted and propitiated by the fetishes of the Negro race; are for the most part no other thing than the ill-understood manifestations of this great class, the elementals.

Commonly word squares are used as puzzles or as teaching aids for students.

The Book of Abramelin – Wikipedia

Earlier versions are now known to exist, and a German edition which compares the various versions has been recently published by Georg Dehn. And this with so great a prosperity of our house, that I confess that I held myself back from the vast riches which I could have accumulated; although I possess enough to be counted among the number of the rich, as thou wilt know when thou shalt be more advanced in age. Staxon State and University Library, Dresden.


This book deals with what Abraham calls the “mixed kabbalah”. Many occultists will doubtless not be of this opinion. On the 13th day of February, in the yearwe commenced our journey, passing through Germany, Bohemia, Austria, and thence by Hungary and Greece unto Constantinople, where we remained two years, and I should never have quitted it, had not death taken Samuel from me at length through a sudden illness.

The result is a stunning new translation which proves the existence of the historical figure of Abramelin. Abramelln system of Sacred Magic Abraham abamelin to have received from the mage Abra-Melin; and claims to have himself personally and actually wrought most of the wonderful effects described in the third book, and many others besides. Abraham’s remarks concerning the errors of astrology in the common sense, and of the attribution of the planetary hours are worthy of careful note.

Let the man who wishes to receive an oracle from a spirit, be chaste, pure, and sanctified; then a place being chosen pure, clean, and covered everywhere with clean and white linen, on the Lord’s day in the new of the Moon, let him enter into that place clothed with white linen; let him exorcise the place, bless it, and make a circle therein with a consecrated coal; let there be written in the outer part of the circle the names of the angels; in the inner part thereof write the mighty names of God; and let be placed within the circle, at the four parts of the World, 9 the vessels for the perfumes.

This faith at length brought him its reward; though only at the moment when even he was becoming discouraged and sick at heart with disappointed hope. Henry VI of England: It is also to be observed, that as often as he enters the circle he has upon his forehead a golden lamen, upon which must be written the name Tetragrammatonin the manner we have before mentioned.

At the end of four years he recovered his liberty, on payment of 30, golden crowns, and went to Rome, where he made his submission to Martin V, and was by him appointed Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati, and Senior of the Sacred College.

Any advanced student of occultism who is conversant with Mediaeval works on magic, whether MS. I have commented at length on this subject in my notes to the Key of Solomon, published by me a few years ago. The story involves Abraham of Worms passing his magical and Kabbalistic secrets on to his son and tells how he acquired his knowledge.

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Showing of 35 reviews. Viewing 5 posts – 1 through 5 of 5 total. But his wife, Catherine, summoned the whole of Catholic Germany to unite in a crusade against the innovating Hussites; while 20, abramflin and foreign warriors came unexpectedly to range themselves under the standard of Frederick. He then conducted me into his own apartment where I took the abrameljn little manuscripts which I had copied; and he asked of me whether truly, and without fear, I wished cehn the divine science and for the True Magic.


He 3 having so willed it, the moment that he 4 had made me acquainted with his design, I felt an extraordinary desire to accompany him in his journey, and I believe that almighty God wished by this means to awaken me, for I could take no rest until the moment that we mutually and reciprocally passed our word to each other and swore to make the voyage together.

Review: The Book of Abramelin (ed. Georg Dehn) |

Oxford University, Bodleian Library. This abrwmelin must first of all be deun and consecrated; and let there be a table or altar placed therein, covered with a clean white linen cloth, and set towards the east: That they are entirely good in nature and operation, the conscient administrators of the divine will upon the plane of the material universe; that they are responsible, not irresponsible agents, and therefore capable of fall; and that they are independent of the currents of the infinite secret forces of Nature, and can therefore act beyond them, though their classification and qualities will cause them to be more sympathetic with certain among these forces than with the rest, and this in varying degree.

However, it is true that just as there is only one God, that not one of these books is worth an obolus. I have known fehn felt the effects of the goodness of the wise Abraha Melin, abra,elin who of his own free will, and before I had asked him so to do, accepted me for his disciple.

It has remained popular among English-speaking ceremonial magicians and occultists interested in Hermetic QabalahChristian Xbramelin and grimoiresand a paperback reprint during the renewed rise of interest in Hermeticism during the s sparked interest in a new generation of readers.

For the second or third english edition Ibis Press should try to coax a foreward out of Ramsay Dukes to put the work of Dehn and Guth into its proper context. My guide then said, “In this small wood dwelleth the man whom you seek;” and having showed me the direction to take he wished to accompany me no further, and having taken his leave of me he returned home by the same route by which we had debn, together with his mule which had served to abdamelin our food.