Second Vatican Council, Decree on the Church’s Missionary Activity (Ad Gentes Divinitus) (December 7, ), in Austin Flannery, ed., Vatican Council II: The. AD GENTES DIVINITUS Decree of the Second Vatican Council on the Church’s missionary activity. The Church’s mission is defined as. Ad Gentes (Decree on the Mission Activity of the Church) is a decree released during the Second Vatican Council that announces the Catholic Church’s.

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The bishop will exhort and help the diocesan congregations to play a role of their own in the missions; he will promote the works of mission institutes among his own faithful, but most especially the papal mission works. This holds for all of their studies by which they are prepared for the exercise of the ministry, as also for the other studies which it would be useful for them to learn, that they may have a general knowledge of the peoples, cultures, and religions; not only a knowledge that looks to the past, but one that considers the present time.

Therefore, all sons of the Church should have a lively awareness of their responsibility to the world; they should foster in themselves a truly catholic spirit; they should spend their forces in the work of evangelization. With special care, let them devote themselves to the education of children and young people by means of different kinds of schools, which should be considered not only as the most diviintus means of forming and developing Christian youth, but also as a valuable public service, especially in the developing nations, working toward the uplifting of human dignity, and toward better living conditions.

Thus it is plain that missionary activity wells up from the Church’s inner djvinitus and spreads abroad her saving Faith. See above all the images in St. It perfects genhes Catholic unity by this expansion.

Ad Gentes (Decree on the Mission Activity of the Church)

For as God loved us with an unselfish love, so also the faithful should in their charity care for the human person himself, loving him with the same affection with which God sought out man. The right sort of means and actions must be suited to any state or situation.

It is very necessary for the future missionary to devote himself to missiological studies: Similarly, the [Catholic] Church. It establishes evangelization as one of the fundamental missions of the Catholic Church and reaffirms the tie between evangelization and charity for the poor.

The ecumenical spirit should be nurtured in the neophytes, who should take into account that the brethren who believe in Christ are Christ’s disciples, reborn in baptism, sharers with the People of God in very many good things.

This bringing with it a progressive change of outlook and morals, must become evident with its social consequences, and must be gradually developed during the time of the catechumenate. Missionaries go forth to bring the Church to where it has not yet been founded and to build up churches that are struggling. Let him learn to be self – sufficing in whatever circumstances Phil. The Church must be present in these groups through her children, who dwell among them or who are sent to them.


Teaching the Spirit of Mission Ad Gentes: Continuing Pentecost Today

The church is not first the clergy; it is first of all the whole people of God. Inthe Holy See reaffirmed the duty of Catholics to evangelize members of other religions, and this was largely interpreted as a clarification of Lumen gentiumagainst the statements dicinitus liberals and others claiming that Christian proselytism had become historically and politically outmoded.

The Christian faithful, having different gifts cf. With their zeal and experience, they will serve, by fraternal cooperation either in the care of souls or in rendering special services for the common good, those churches which were founded at the cost of their sweat and even of their blood.

Since the whole Church is missionary, and the work of evangelization is a basic duty of the People of God, this sacred synod invites all to a deep interior renewal; so that, having a vivid awareness of their own responsibility for spreading the Gospel, they may do their share in missionary work among the nations. On the bentes hand, the bishops in their conference should see to it that congregations pursuing the same apostolic aims are not multiplied to the detriment of the religious life and of the apostolate.

But in mission lands, let laymen, whether foreigners or autochthonous, teach ddivinitus schools, administer temporal goods cooperate in parish and diocesan activities, and organize and promote various forms of the lay apostolate, in order that the faithful of the young churches may be able to take part as soon as possible in the life of the Church.

And yet these two ends are most closely connected with the missionary zeal 15 because the division among Christians damages the most holy cause of preaching the Gospel to every creature 16 and blocks the way to the faith for many. In this way, whole parishes become more missionary, reaching out and forging bonds between American and mission parishes.

IV 20 – St. This response, however can only be given when the Holy Spirit gives His inspiration and His power. Episcopal conferences ggentes take common counsel to deal with weightier questions and urgent problems, without however neglecting local differences.

The Holy Spirit gathers the people of God to be “a chose race, a royal priesthood, sd holy nation, a purchased people” 1 Peter 2: Genres also belong to Christ, because they were regenerated in the Church by faith and by baptism, divunitus that they are Christ’s in newness of life and work cf.

Dogmatic constitution, ” On Gente Revelation ,” They borrow from the customs and traditions of their divinitis, from their wisdom and their learning, from their arts and disciplines, all those things which can contribute to the glory of their Creator, or enhance the grace of their Savior, or dispose Christian life the way it should be. Mission is never an imposition upon the free will of another; it is an invitation to know Christ or to know him better, and it is made in a spirit of respect toward others.

Does this mean that there is less need for us to go out to the nations? In coordination with the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity, let it search out ways and means for bringing about and directing fraternal cooperation as well as harmonious living with missionary undertaking of other Christian communities, that as far as possible the scandal of division may be removed.


Since even mission work itself, as experience teaches, cannot be accomplished by lone individuals, a common calling has gathered these individuals together into institutes, in which, with united efforts, they are properly trained and might carry out this work in the name of the Church and under the direction of the hierarchy.

And so the time for missionary activity extends between the first coming of the Lord and the second, in which latter the Church will be gathered from the four winds like a harvest into the kingdom of God. The seed which is the word of God, watered by divine dew, sprouts from the good ground and draws from thence its moisture, which it transforms and assimilates into itself, and finally bears much fruit.

But even though this entire training program is imbued with pastoral solicitude, a special and organized apostolic training ought to be given, by means of both teaching and practical exercises. Therefore, all must be converted to Him, made known by the Church’s preaching, and all must be incorporated into Him by baptism and into the Church which is His body.

They will then propose scientifically based conclusions for mission work and cooperation. The chief means of the planting referred to is the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Imbued with a living faith and a hope that never fails, the missionary should be a man of prayer. For, by the workings of divine grace, the new convert sets out on a spiritual journey, by means of which, already sharing through faith in the mystery of Christ’s Death and Resurrection, he passes from the old man to the new one, perfected in Christ cf. Some should be more thoroughly prepared divinirus missiological institutes or in other faculties or universities, so that they may be able to discharge special duties more effectively 12 and be a gentew, by their learning, to other missionaries in carrying on the mission work, which especially in our time presents so many difficulties and opportunities.

In their philosophical and theological genes, let them consider the points of contact which mediate between the traditions and religion of their homeland on the one hand and the Christian religion on the other.

To those in quest of peace, she wishes to answer in fraternal dialogue, bearing them the peace and the light of the Gospel.

Mission in the Parish Mission education must take place both in the family and in the parish. He who believes and is baptized shall be saved; but he who does not believe, shall be condemned” Mark