Malinda Lo is the author of the young adult novels Ash, Huntress, Adaptation, and Inheritance. Ash was a finalist for the William C. Morris YA Debut Award, the . : Adaptation (): Malinda Lo: Books. Malinda Lo ( Author) . Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. : Adaptation (): Malinda Lo: Books. Book 1 of 2 in the Adaptation Series $ Read with Our Free App; Hardcover from $

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Reese and David were stranded in Arizona due to FAA’s grounding of all flights in and out of the country. There were questions upon revelations upon questions throughout the book, and the tension continually rose until the ending where everything changed for Nalinda and David, for everyone.


I do not strictly look for a bigger message in books but there has to be a clear and adaptatipn point to everything. It can feel like we have no history, which is alienating.

There are plenty of writing shortcuts that tell maalinda of show and my copy is littered with my underlining of examples: And a gay, black, Jewish conspiracy theorist that started out like the iconic line from “Kingsman”! Moving on to the actual narrative, the premise that is unsurprisingly overshadowed by the romance, things are interesting though the entire secret that the book is built on is not really as surprising as I was hoping it would be.

The beginning of the novel does definitely set off a creepy vibe, we have planes crashing after running into flocks of birds all over America and that is maintained quite well throughout. Some parents might object. The second is a murder mystery. It’s not problematic, but I have a love for this kind of story and I can’t put my finger on why. I would pause between chapters to curse before jumping back into the story. Reese’s mother also fere on how safe sex is important even for couples who can’t get pregnant.

In all my reading life, I’ve never been exposed to how far the government would go to hide their secrets. Adapttaion, if you elide the science stuff e. She has proven that she believes queer women deserve happy endings. Jess Wong is an unreliable narrator, to say the least, who paints her relationship with Angie as not only normal, but healthy.


She finds a surveillance device in her bedroom. I was po interested to pick up a bisexual sci-fi teen book, but this is actually how all books should be written: As such, at times, I felt the writing to be vacillating between extremely capable and annoyingly clumsy. Sep 28, TheBookSmugglers rated it liked it Shelves: I’ll probably pick up the sequel and maybe the ebook spinoff as well, but I’m pretty frustrated by the ableism.

The MC in this, Reese, finds herself feeling attracted to another girl for the first time, in addition to having feelings for her male classmate. The romantic elements mailnda work, in my opinion.

When Reese and David wake up, they’re in a military hospital, but the doctor won’t tell them what happened, where they are, or how their injuries were miraculously healed. I’ll probably just read adaptatiion review of the next on with lots of spoilers so that I know how it plays out.

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Want to Read saving…. Old, old magic against real, young love: There were conspiracy theories that circled all over the internet and news networks that had something to do with either weather, fireworks, the Mayan apocalypse and invisible UFOs. How can you NOT like an alien story if it’s well done? I really got to know Ash, the beliefs she grew up with, and her plight.

This feeling of disconnect was the only thing that stopped me from being utterly infatuated with the novel. They break up, which is understandable but a shame, because on her own, Reese has all the personality of a cardboard cut-out. This time David and Reese are taken to a completely different secret military base to be involuntarily experimented on, and the goal becomes escape.

I see so many people praising this one for character work, and I didn’t feel that upon reading it. What stands out is less the plot and more the characters. Secrets and lies abound, and Reece needs to figure out who to trust. Basically, Reese ponders her feelings during down time, but most of the time she has much more pressing concerns. Xi—which, at least phonetically, reads as a Chinese transliteration of sidhe. As Ash grows up, she and Sidhean share an understanding, though Ash is not allowed to question him about where he lives.


Reese and David manage to rent a car and try to drive home and on the way they get into an accident caused by you guessed it, birds. It is inevitable that I will end up discussing the romance in this novel because of two reasons: It doesn’t matter what they think. The trio manages to rent a car and on their drive home, an event of unspeakable violence sets Reese and David on a manic drive along an empty stretch of road in the middle of Nevada.

The next love interest also didn’t spark fireworks.

Adaptation (Adaptation, #1) by Malinda Lo

But perhaps that also stems from the fact that David has no personality to speak of. Mary Anderson There are several episodes of kissing,hugs and touching between both young women and men. I’m torn between whether to give this one or two fgee.

But a good weird. Written while working towards her M. As a heroine, Reese is kind of a Bella. David and Reese had that budding aeaptation that didn’t really go anywhere. When the author treads in familiar YA territory the sexual awakening, the love triangle, the gay best friend, the single mother, etc. Then it sags in the middle as the plot meanders around a more romantic storyline then it eventually moves toward an extremely rushed ending.