3rd Year Seminar ReportOn ALCOHOL AS AN ALTERNATIVE FUEL IN I.C ENGINES Undertaken by: MITHUN SARKAR Roll No IC engines because of their high octane rating, burning velocities, and wider Appendix A. Both acts are mandating the procurement of alternative fuel vehicles. Alcohols have been used as a fuel. The first four aliphatic alcohols are of interest as fuels . into its main agenda. Alcohol fuels had become part of five main alternative fuels: Two of which were alcohols; methanol and ethanol.

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Royal Automobile Ful of South Australia. Bi-fuel vehicle Flexible-fuel vehicle Hybrid vehicle Multifuel Plug-in hybrid. With increasing attention being paid to alternatve energy, many methods have been proposed that avoid distillation altogether for dehydration. Alcohol-fuelled engines generally have difficulty in starting at temperatures below 10 C.

Two of which were alcohols; methanol alternativee ethanol [20]. PhD Dissertation Thesis, i.c.engined. Archived from the original PDF on 2 August If ethanol is then placed in the gas tank, it may dissolve off the varnish which will travel, in clumps of gunk, into the fuel filter and clog up the fuel system.

Currently, research on improving ethanol yields from each unit of corn is underway using biotechnology. Competitiveness Bio diesel initiatives underway U. The nozzle has a diameter of about 0.

The additive MTBE is currently being phased out due to ground water contamination, hence ethanol becomes an attractive alternative additive. United Nations Environment Programme. When the ternary mixture is distilled, it produces anhydrous ethanol on the top stream of the column. The resulting ethanol-water mix will be high in ethanol content and the i.c.enginds part will be low in ethanol content. Ethanol is subsequently isolated and purified by a combination of adsorption and distillation.


The poor refuse to grow .ic.engines for the rich”. The engine control computer can also adjust advance the ignition timing to achieve a higher output without pre-ignition when it predicts that higher ni percentages are present in the fuel being burned. The Swiss company Butalco GmbH uses a special technology to modify yeasts in order to produce butanol instead of ethanol.

This raises the volumetric efficiency of the engine and reduces the required work input in the compression stroke. An additional complication is that production requires tilling new soil [75] which produces a one-off release of GHG that it can take decades or centuries of production reductions in GHG emissions to equalize. Using information from sensors in the intake and exhaust, the alternativf monitoring systems EMS adjust to the proper air-fuel ratio, ignition ratio, ignition timing, injection timing, and valve timing where possible for the fuel mixture being used.

It can also produce a reduction of Cellulosic ethanol production is a new approach that may alleviate land use and related concerns.

Archived from the original PDF on 23 April Methanol fuel and Ethanol fuel. Breeding efforts underway to increase yields. In the season, E85 was allowed in the Im class and teams began switching to it.

Retrieved 21 January Each fuel is carried separately, with a much smaller tank for alcohol. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ethanol fuel

Many states and municipalities have mandated that all gasoline fuel be blended with 10 percent alcohol usually ethanol during some or all of the year. Ethanol production depends on development of alterrnative technology.

After fermentation, the mash is heated so that the ethanol evaporates. Methanol and ethanol are two kinds of alcohols that seem most promising.

Also, as long as oil prices remain high, the economical use of other feedstocks, such as cellulosebecome viable. Archived from the original PDF on 28 September In this mode of operation, the engine operates off of a fixed set of parameters in the engine control map of the ECU. For instance, a separate survey reports that production of ethanol from sugarcane, which requires a tropical climate to grow productively, returns from 8 to 9 units of energy for each unit expended, as alteenative to corn, which only returns about 1.


Retrieved 23 September It produces less overall emissions compared to gasoline. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

However, problems with cold start and WOT, which are open loop modes, could then be expected to occur if the fuel phase-separates.

As early asChina has made alcohol fuel powered cars. For the ethanol to be usable as a fuel, the yeast solids and the majority of the water must be removed. The normal operation mode occurs when the engine is warmed up and the car is driven normally. Retrieved 3 August Welbaum 12 September A MIT study and an earlier paper published by the Society of Automotive Engineers identified a method to exploit the characteristics of fuel ethanol substantially more efficiently than mixing it with gasoline.

This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat An improved flex engine generation was launched in that eliminates the need for the secondary gas storage tank. Energy balance estimates are not easily produced, thus numerous such reports have been generated that are contradictory. Retrieved 30 May Morrison 18 September From tothe share of ethanol in global gasoline type fuel use increased from 3. The 3-carbon alcohol, propanol C 3 H 7 OHis not often used as a direct fuel source for petrol engines unlike ethanol, methanol and butanolwith most being directed into use as a solvent.

This allowed the ethanol to be mixed with the intake air for a sufficient period, providing uniform mixing.