Read about the unparalleled fluidics of the INFINITI® Vision System, which allows the Download detailed product information from the Alcon Cataract Surgery The completely redesigned INTREPID® PLUS Fluidics Management System. The Alcon Infiniti Vision System is a device used to provide and perform small profile entry for cataract extraction with or without option of insertion of a specified . INFINITI Vision System Features. With Alcon’s new INFINITI system, cataract surgeons now have three options for removing a cataract: ultrasonic.

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Alcon Introduces Hardware and Software Upgrades for the INFINITI® Vision System

Ultrasonic phacoemulsification has long been the “gold standard” for cataract surgery. This probe gently breaks the cloudy lens into tiny pieces and suctions the cataract out of the eye. Refer to the directions for use for a complete listing of indications, warnings and precautions. Adjusting aspiration rates or vacuum limits above the preset values, or lowering the IV pole below the preset values, may cause chamber shallowing or collapse which may result in patient injury.

Content is intended for a global audience. BloomfieldCT New motorized injector standard manual injector.

Use of low vacuum limits, low flow rates, visoin bottle heights, high power settings, extended power xystem, power usage during occlusion conditions beeping tonesfailure to sufficiently aspirate viscoelastic prior to using power, excessively tight incisions, and combinations of the above actions may result in significant temperature increases at incision site and inside the eye, and lead to severe thermal eye tissue damage.

  GWSSB SOR 2014-15 PDF

The increased flexibility and multiple removal options provide surgeons with more control over the lens removal procedure. When filling handpiece test chamber, if stream of fluid is weak or absent, good fluidics response will be jeopardized.

Federal law restricts this device to sale by, or on the order of, a physician. According to many cataract surgeons, having surgical hardware that can enable automated IOL delivery is an important step in standardizing the consistency and control of cataract surgery.

Features fluidics with two unique energy delivery systems, providing surgeons the ability to customize cataract lens removal.

Steel, Final incision size after implantation of a hydrophobic acrylic aspheric intraocular lens: In phacoemulsification surgery, a small ultrasonic probe is inserted into a very small incision on the edge of the eye. Ophthalmic phacoemulisifier that provides customized qlcon surgery.

INFINITI Vision System Ophthamology Equipment

Cart Wishlist Account Login. Physicians can choose the method of cataract removal that will most benefit the patient. J Cataract Refract Surg, Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, U.

Precise pumping capability provides forward and reverse actuation up to cc per minute. The following system modalities additionally support the described indications: Ensure that tubings are not occluded or pinched during any phase of operation. About Alcon Alcon, the global leader in eye care, provides innovative products that enhance quality of life by helping people worldwide see better. Use of consumables and hand pieces other than those manufactured by Alcon may affect system performance and create potential hazards.


Good clinical practice dictates the testing for adequate irrigation and aspiration flow prior to entering the eye.

ALCON Infiniti Vision System complete set – Techno Medical Equipment

The INFINITI offers a new method that uses both ultrasound and mechanical oscillation to help break up the cataract faster, and may allow the surgeon greater control of lens tissue than traditional ultrasound. The three Alcon businesses – Surgical, Pharmaceutical and Vision Care – offer the widest spectrum of eye care products in the world. For more information, visit www. Global Alcon Site Directory.

The new technology may reduce the risk of thermal burns and other potential complications. Other products in Ophthamology Equipment.