ALDEFLUOR™ kit for the identification, evaluation and isolation of stem and progenitor cells expressing high levels of ALDH. ALDEFLUOR&#; Kit from. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. ALDEFLUOR™ is a reagent kit that is used to identify human cells that express high levels of the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase. Here is a quick guide to setting up your FACS analysis with ALDEFLUOR: We’ ve used the Aldefluor kit extensively for both cell lines and for freshly dissociated .

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Colon Cells Carpentino JE et al.

Brain Tumor Stem Cell Research. Am Heart J 2: Todaro M et al. Other ALDH inhibitors can be used as appropriate for the enzyme isoform expressed. Stem Cell Rev Rep 10 1: Buckley NE et al. Compatible with standard cell sorters or analyzers.

Rasper M et al.

ALDEFLUOR™ Kit | STEMCELL Technologies

Human stem and progenitor cells typically have more ALDH activity than mature cells, and this quantitative difference allows stem cells to be resolved from the other cells. Huang EH et al. Safety Data Sheet 1. Cancer Res 73 5: Simple protocol with highly reproducible results. Ricci A et al.



Data and Publications Data. Safety Data Sheet 5. Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cell Research.

Lung Cells Moreb JS et al. Since then it has also been shown to detect normal and neoplastic cells in many other tissue types including breast, colon, lung, pancreas and thyroid as well as cancer cell lines. Le Magnen C et al.

Not using the assay buffer produces a proportionate loss in the assay signal, depending on the time and temperature at which the stained cells are held. Assay performance will not be affected. Int J Cancer 2: Lu J et al.

Aldefluod Cells Rovira M et al. Povsic TJ et al. We do not recommend use of the following or any other solution that contains a fixative, as these will render the cells nonviable: Watch this video to see an example of how our scientists increased the fluorescence intensity of ALDH br cells in mammary tissue, and how you can modify the protocol to fit your research needs.

All rights reserved including graphics and images. Nakamura S et al. If done correctly, cryopreservation and thawing should not cause loss in cell viability or fluorescence intensity of ALDHbr cells. Eur J Cancer 50 1: This transport inhibitor may not prevent efflux from other tissue types or from other species. Yamamoto M et al. For optimal assay performance, lyse the erythrocytes by treating the samples with ammonium chloride. Neutrophils have a fundamental role in inflammatory responses and their contribution to tumorigenesis is still controversial.


Mesenchymal Stem and Progenitor Cell Research. Brit J Cancer Prostate Epithelial Cell Research.

Cells Tissues Organs 3: Int J Cancer 1: Cytometry B Clin Cytom 72 4: High ALDH expression has been reported for normal and cancer precursor cells of various lineages, including hematopoietic, mammary, endothelial, mesenchymal, and neural.

Vauchez K et al. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Mesenchymal Cells Nagano M et al. We aldeflukr a range of concentrations from 5-fold less to fold more than the standard concentration. Swindall AF et al.

What anticoagulants can be used to collect samples? Obermair FJ et al. Kundu N et al.

Is it acceptable for the staining reaction to exceed 30 minutes?