Algernon Blackwood’s classic tale, The Wendigo. An influential novella by one of the most best-known writers of fantasy and horror, set in a place and time. The Wendigo [Algernon Blackwood] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Wendigo is a short novel that describes the terror of irrational. You can read a full version of The Wendigo here. Algernon Blackwood’s The Wendigo is one of the best known “ghost stories.” Chances are, if.

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Blackwood really excells at setting the mood and atmosphere in the few pages of this novella: From the description carefully written out afterwards by this student of divinity, it appears that the account he gave to the astonished group omitted sundry vital and important details.

Among his thirty-odd books, Blackwood wrote a series of stories and short novels published as John Silence, Physician Extraordinarywhich featured a “psychic detective” who combined the skills of a Sherlock Holmes and a psychic medium. Thus the hours passed; and thus, with lowered voices and a kind of taut inner resistance of spirit, this little group of humanity sat in the jaws of the wilderness and talked foolishly of the terrible and haunting legend.

He was alone with Defago in a primitive world: On this particular expedition he was Hank’s choice. It’s a challenging and atmospheric read that pitches human instinct against rationalism, superstition against science and the awe of nature against the human social constructs of civilisation.

He himself, already initiated by the awful vigil with terror, was beyond both of them in this respect.

His thoughts soon wandered again; he lay there, warm as toast, exceedingly weary; the night soothed and comforted, blunting the edges of memory and alarm. It has worked upon yours exactly as it worked upon my own when I was your age. As he told Peter Penzoldt, he found “spiritual terror” missing in his young admirer’s writing, something he considered all-important in his own. Cathcart observing the lad’s condition more shrewdly than his patient knew, gave him a very slight injection of morphine.

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It disquieted him more than he cared to admit.

Full text of “The Wendigo”

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He was cleaning fish by the lake shore about five o’clock in the evening–an hour, that is, before the search party returned–when he saw this shadow of the guide picking glackwood way weakly into camp. It was no less a person than himself, however–less experienced and adroit than the others though he was–who gave instinctive utterance to the sentence that brought a measure of relief into the ghastly situation by expressing the doubt and thought in each one’s heart.

On getting home to Scotland it would make quite a good story. And strips of colored cloud, like flaunting pennons, signaled their departure to the stars Yet a rushing passionate curiosity overcame his better judgment, and his fear. But the doctor also begins to deconstruct the wendigo as a personified call of the wild. The bleak splendors of these remote and lonely forests rather overwhelmed him with the sense of his own littleness.

The Wendigo

He blazed innumerable trees as he went, ever fearful of being unable to find the way back, and calling aloud at intervals of a few seconds the name of the guide. Blackwood was born in Shooter’s Hill today part of south-east London, but then part of northwest Kent and educated at Wellington College.

IX They talked little, and then only of the most wholesome and common things, for their minds were charged with painful thoughts that clamoured for explanation, though no one dared refer to them. Most people start at our Web site which has the main PG search facility: He, too, was hewn of stone.

It was obvious to anyone that Defago did not jump at the plan, but his silence seemed to convey something more than ordinary disapproval, and across his sensitive dark face there passed a curious expression like a flash of firelight–not so quickly, blackwoodd, that the three men had not time to catch it.


He wondered for a moment whether bear tracks were like that.

Into the Woods: “The Wendigo” by Algernon Blackwood

A tingling of the wonderful nerves that betrayed itself by no outer sign, ran through him as he tasted the keen air. His duty was merely to stay in camp, catch fish, and prepare venison steaks and coffee at a few minutes’ notice. Do not copy, display, perform, distribute or redistribute this electronic work, or wendlgo part of this electronic work, without prominently displaying the sentence set forth in paragraph 1.

The Foundation’s principal office is located at Melan Dr. It was the beginning, he realized, of a bewilderment utterly diabolical in kind that would speedily destroy him.

There was not even the algernob of disappearing footsteps, nor the echoes of the dying voice. He shouted till he was hoarse, and till the sound of his own voice in all that unanswering and listening world began to frighten him.

Whatever the cause, the feeling of immediate horror seemed to have passed away as mysteriously as it had come, for nothing occurred to feed it. This site uses cookies. It seemed a question, nicely balanced between individual pride and honesty, what he should reveal and what suppress.

He needs the help of the rest of the party. These were some of the outer signs But, let’s face it, I’d be almost helpless were I stranded in the wild. He merely stood still. In spite of his exceeding mental perturbation, Simpson struggled hard to detect its nature, and define it, but the ascertaining of an elusive scent, not recognized subconsciously and at once, is a very subtle operation of the mind.