An Easy Course in Programming the HPC and HPC. Front Cover. Ted Wadman, Chris Coffin. Grapevine Publications, – HPC (Calculator). An Easy Course in Programming the HpC and HpC by Ted Wadman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery. An Easy Course in Programming the HpC and HpC (Easy Course Series) book download Ted Wadman and Chris Coffin Download An.

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I was a hardcore synthetic programmer back in college. Why it happens is also pretty clear.

That ticks me off. I think the biggest prograamming is they are probably biting off too much to both create the hardware and extend it. Like all good converts, he feels compelled to proselytize, particularly about my perceived need for an iPhone.

Scientific programmable Complex number functions Matrix arithmetic Solve function Integrate function Statistical functions Linear regression Storage arithmetic RPN 4 level stack with parallel 4 level stack for complex numbers bytes continuous memory Default bytes program memory Default 21 addressable memory registers Single line 10 digit, 7 segment LCD display.

At school, I love when folks ask me to borrow my calculator and gladly let them programminy for the 30 seconds it takes until they realize they have never even heard of RPN, much less know how to think in it. I practically wore out the keys doing calculations related to a chip problem we were having alpha particles causing memory errors.

I own two of these though I only know where one is right now nightstand next to bed. But it was amazing…I used to play with it in the campus bookstore. I need to change the batteries every few years.


This could be disabled to save memory, which was limited, especially since the other innovation was that matrix arithmetic commands were provided. See More Recent Categories Archives. Add to wishlist E-mail a link to this book.

An Easy Course in Programming the Hp-11C and Hp-15C

You could store time and your location and declination and rectascention sp? On the HPC a second stack which carried the imaginary parts of four complex numbers was added instead. And for persons of my generation, RPN was a horrible prank our professors would spring on us if we foolishly forgot to bring calculators to our exams. At that point calculator design and manufacture was largely outsourced. There is no competitor. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject.

The buttons are large and well separated, and there are no more or no fewer than you could want. Which one do you recommend? Way back in the day, there were other companies that sold RPN calculators.

An Easy Course in Programming the HPC and HPC – Ted Wadman, Chris Coffin – Google Books

A year later, at a little company called Intel, I could afford one—with my own money, that is. Well, if you have a blackberry, you can get the Pocket 10C SE emulator. Oh wait, Apple Macs were mentioned too. Cosmic Variance Random samplings from a universe of ideas. My father still uses his HP 11c.

My dad has that calculator and wears it in the pocket of his shirt every single day. It was a calculator that simply got everything right.


It got me through calculus, physics, modern physics, statics, and circuits before my backpack got stolen. Still on the original batteries. Mine also had an amusing collection of chip defects that caused it to make errors that were occasionally noticeable.

I learned to program in that calculator when I was in primary school. Sign In Register Help Cart. The iPhone looks interesting.

I was always jealous of those that had one. And when using a calculator, I have found that there is nothing like good tactile feedback. Fabulous manual continuing on from the Owner’s Handbook and covering in considerable depth: And for many years after had a desktop HP calculator.

I had my HP15c from to HP calculators have only gone down hill since the late 90s. Spreadsheets were hardly widespread, and when one timed balls hpp-11c down ramps or any other such repeated trial, doing repetitive calculations was programmung breeze on the 15C. I still have it. This community has historically been amazingly technical.

Advance handbook 15C

You can already run Mathematica from any location as follows. It was my constant pocket companion for a year. Yet another innovation was the provision of all possible conditional tests, comparing the contents of the X register with either the Y register or pprogramming number zero. Google Maps knows where you are!

The HP25 Hmm not a 25C but real close is also used a lot.