Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Anthony F Bogaert and others published Understanding Asexuality. Toward a Conceptual Understanding of Asexuality. Anthony F. Bogaert. Brock University. Asexuality has been the subject of recent academic (A. F. Bogaert. Asexuality can be defined as an enduring lack of sexual attraction. Thus who has provided important contributions to understanding asexuality.

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Sep 04, Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: He has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, along with book chapters, on such topics as asexuality, sexual desire, sexual orientation, birth order and sexual identity, and other related topics. Asexuqlity why does it matter.

In his newest book, Understanding Asexualityhe explores what he calls the fourth dimension of sexual orientation. Not to mention talking about something you have zero claim on. I don’t understand how the author could not see it. Take this example in chapte I am on the Ace spectrum and wanted to find a few books that talk about everything I have found online about my sexuality The concepts of sexual attraction, arousal, behavior, cognition, desire, identity, and pleasure are each defined as unique facets of sexuality.

Do they fall in love, and with whom? He also describes throughout the ways that studying asexuality gives further insights into the study of sexuality. Thus, asexual individuals do not find and perhaps never have others sexually appealing.


Understanding Asexuality

He struggles with philosophic questions: The Madness of Sex 9: More complex and more interesting as I read. The time is right for a better understanding of this sexual orientation, written by an expert in the field who has conducted studies on asexuality and who has provided important contributions to understanding asexuality.

This was not quite what I was expecting. Jul 01, Drew Hoffman rated it it was amazing.

Find the idea repulsive, maybe even? The dearth of books on the subject of asexuality this understanidng the only book solely devoted to the topic available from the Jacksonville Public Library system makes “Understanding Asexuality” particularly important for those of us coming to terms with our true sexual identity.

Understanding Asexuality – Anthony F. Bogaert – Google Books

I guess I’m just wishing for a book like this that’s actually written by and for asexual people, not a book that treats it as a curiosity and that often seems to assume its audience is not ace.

And people need to realize that not everything is about sex, at least not for everyone. He likewise demonstrates the importance of asexuality not only in its own right as an understudied subject but also in how it contrasts with other sexual orientations. Oct 14, Thraen rated it really liked it. This book is probably 4 stars instead of 3 because there are few books on asexuality.

Sep 23, Dexter rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Prevalence of Asexuality. Asexuality can be defined as an enduring lack of sexual attraction.


However, there is also recent evidence that the label “asexual” may be used in a broader way than merely as “a lack of sexual attraction. Much, much more research still needs to be done on understanding the complexities of human My overall opinion is that the book is a great start to finally having some literature on asexuality. Whipstitch rated it did not like it. There is a significant bibliography, which could be helpful to those looking to read more, on sexuality and asexuality.

Asexuality can be defined as an enduring lack of sexual attraction. There is reported behaviour – which is influenced by social norms of what is what is appropriate.

Moreover, behaviour is not the same as desire, the two are understwnding different concepts. It includes firsthand accounts throughout from people who identify as asexual. Bogaert starts with his definition of asexuality–a lack of sexual attraction to others –and then delves into the more detailed, varying aspects of the orientation asexuality being an orientation, alongside gay, straight, and bi, being one of his arguments in further chapters.