Rajeshkumar et al. World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. ANTICANCER ACTIVITY OF ANDROGRAPHIS PANICULATA. showing anticancer activity on HEp2 – Human larynx carcinoma cell lines in-vitro KEYWORDS: Andrographis paniculata,Herbal medicine. A refined extract of A. paniculata, also significantly reduces activities of lipid .. The anticancer activity was observed due to the presence of andrographolide.

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The heritability of proline was the highest 0. Phyto chemical analysis was performed to detect various compounds such as tannins, flavonoids, alkaloids, steroids etc.

All chemicals used were of analytical grade. The decreasing trend of all studied morphological traits was linear Table 2.

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Components of variance and broad-sense heritability of studied characters in A. These natural products are supposed to minimize DNA damage by reacting with free radical s and in this way they can prevent cancer.

View at Google Scholar K. Abstract Andrographis paniculata and Silybum marianum are well known medicinal plants. Cytotoxic effect of Plantago spp.

The trend of proline and the three main phytochemicals in tolerant accession were linear and positive, while in sensitive accession they were nonlinear. Andrographis paniculata is an annual herb belongs to family Acanthaceae. View at Google Scholar A. Enhancement of phenolic and flavonoid compounds in onion plant under salinity stress has been reported to improve the androgra;his effect of salinity stress [ 34 ].


Analysis of the Anticancer Phytochemicals in Andrographis paniculata Nees. under Salinity Stress

Several herbs and plants with diversified pharmacological properties have been shown to have potential to prevent human cancers as they possess antitumor substances which have the potential to cure cancer without causing toxicity. After 24 h, the cells were treated with the extracts.

Further studies are required to isolate the active constituents involved in the antioxidant and hepatoprotective activity of the plant. In spite of the mentioned trends, the differences between those two accessions were not statistically significant [ 36 ]. However, the production of the three phytochemicals in A. View at Google Scholar D. Previous studies have demonstrated that the ability of A.

In the current study, phytochemical analysis was conducted on the four different accessions of A. Experimental studies on prevention of atherosclerotic arterial stenosis and restenosis after angioplasty with Andrographis paniculata nees and fish oil. After every three salinity applications, plants were again irrigated with normal Hoagland nutrient solution.

View at Google Scholar L. Salinity is a major abiotic stress that causes important alterations in the plant growth and development. Our results indicated a positive correlation between the three anticancer phytochemicals and proline accumulation, which might be closely related to tolerance abilities indicated by physiological performances.

This can be utilized as a potential in the next breeding programs to develop the salt-tolerant varieties in A. The extracts were then stored below ambient temperature for further studies. Silybum marianum is an annual or biennial erect herb belongs to the family Compositae. The preliminary examination was done by observing the confluency of the test as well as control samples which showed cell growth inhibition in the test samples Fig.

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Vertical bars represent standard error of mean for three samples. However, the use of salinity to enhance the biosynthesis of the phytochemicals must be prudentially regarded, and it should not be forgotten that the increased concentration of bioactive compounds such as AG, NAG, and DDAG by salt stress in general is associated with a reduction of biomass production.

The following drugs and chemicals were used: D and confirmed at Botany Department, Dr. View at Google Scholar M. The plant extract contains three major groups of phytochemical compounds, namely, diterpenes, flavonoids and stigmasterols [ 16 ]. The process of programmed cell death is called apoptosis.

HDACs are the epigenetic manipulators which plays an important role in the gene silencing which leads to the initiation of cancer and rapid proliferation. In the body normal cells complete their life cycle by following an orderly path of growth, division and death.

The dry weight was used to monitor the physiological response of each accession to salinity. So now a days they are widely used for curing many diseases including cancer.