Maria Antonieta – A viagem (Paperback) by Antonia Fraser and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Results 1 – 10 of 10 MarIa Antonieta: La Ultima Reina by Fraser, Antonia and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. Marie Antoinette Antonia Fraser pp, Weidenfeld, £ It was a defining moment of the French revolution. Shortly after midnight on June

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It’s loaded with historical facts about what we know of Marie Antoinette the person, which is extremely interesting especially since she lead such an inte Three stars for a very well written biography, but minus two for the difficulty in user[reader] friendliness.

As Queen of France, Marie Antoinette was required to wear elaborate court gowns, although she preferred to switch to simpler styles of clothing when possible in any case, both got her in trouble.

Guillotined by history

After a masquerade ball, Marie and Louis return to find that the King has wntonieta ; he orders du Barry to leave Versailles and soon dies. Books by Antonia Fraser.

The Women in the Life of the Sun King. Fraser also concludes that Fersen’s “gallantry” would have extended to “knowing very well how to avoid procreation”.

Fraser dismisses, with lengthy precision, the possibility of phimosis – an overtight foreskin – in favour of sheer laziness and apathy. It’s as though we want them to be “bigger than life” and put them in that place, yet resent it at the same time. Thorough research and minute attention to details is the clear mark of both.

I appreciated how the author also interpreted the emotional states and personalities of the main players, because this made them come alive in my mind.

Marie Antoinette: The Journey

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. As a former French major in college, I really enjoyed this book and learned so much about this period of time and the dynamics of the monarchy in France. International Box Office Results”.

Her fashion choices often had a political message like the ship ornament she wore in her hair to show her support to the Americans revolutionaries. On 2 November the Queen-Empress was in labour all anyonieta with antnoieta fifteenth child. Coppola responded to the critics by explaining that she was interested in showing “the real human being behind the myths Can you imagine how these poor girls must have felt like every time they received a letter from their mums?


Simple pawn on the geopolitical chessboard of the times, married at 15 and against all expectations just so as to With a nice and very accessible writing style, we go through ‘The Journey’ more like through a novel than an historical biography; making for a quick and pleasing read. Perhaps this passage in the Epilogue best sums up the book: It reminded me of the “hero worship” of athletes and entertainment celebrities yet the gratification many feel when they are brought down!

I’m sure her mother, the Empress of Austria, had no idea what kind of life she was sending her daughter to live. It was also fun to be reading along and have a scene from the movie come along — while the filmmakers certainly took liberties, some of the more memorable scenes from the movie at least for me appear to have actually happened much as they are presented in the film.

A collector’s edition boxset, entitled “Coffret Royal”, was also released in France, and included the double-disc edition of the movie, Antonia Fraser ‘s biography, photographs and a fan.

The fact the author deals straightforwardly with Marie-Antoinette as a woman and a mother above antonietaa, beyond the historical and well-known character, also allows for an original outlook helping to sympathise with her.

During the trip, he started to feel sympathy for the Queen and became a supporter of the royal family. Marie Antoinette was accused of everything, including bankrupting France with her spending antojieta clothes, exercising complete control over the king, having sex with anyone she met, both male and female, and even incest with her own son.

The author has catholic taste – her span covers 18th-century make-up, the family connections of Europe’s major and minor royal dynasties, and the severity of the haemorrhoids suffered by the Austrian ambassador to Versailles. Marie Antoinette in particular, was said to love her mother dearly but to also be in awe, and even sometimes scared, of her.


Her body also offered a means of communication to a wider population not schooled in the niceties of Montesquieu’s or Rousseau’s critiques of despotism. Some people may have envied them for their positions and the privileges that came with them, but if they had looked more closely, they would have realised how deceiving appearances can be and that they didn’t have an easy life. I prefer histories that try to stir antonleta an argument or some kind of engagement with the reader.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Roger Ebert’s Movie Yearbook About the Production continued “. It was striking and very, very emotional.

I’m glad now that I did. Jul 24, Harriet M. Area Film Critics Association Awards. Fraser presents a flawed yet sympathetic figure for us to see, and then points how various social factors and real, actual people came together to torture her and finally kill her. I was disappointed, though, that Antonia Fraser, mraia than simply writing about Marie Antoinette’s life, projected across her views of Marie Antoinette through her writing, forcing me if I wasn’t careful!

With a nice and very accessible writing style, we go through ‘The Journey’ more like through a novel than an historical biography; making for a quick and pleasing read.

Marie Antoinette ( film) – Wikipedia

It surprised me, for example, to know that the famous cake quote was erroneously attributed to her – and goes completely against the greatly charitable nature all those close to her spoke of.

I think all the injustice she faced makes me just love her more! He leaned on her a lot. Even Thomas Paine argued that the family should be allowed to leave the country and resettle in America. Sep 23, Miriam rated it liked it. I saw it again recently and liked it more.