Of all of the applications in SAP SCM, Global Available to Promise (GATP) is often considered the most difficult to explain and, as a result, the. Thus, along with the fact that so much GATP Some propose that GATP is located in APO because. SAP SCM APO – GATP – Global Available To Promise. The SAP SCM is one of the SAP Business Suite solutions to manage Supply Chain Management in an.

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Global Available To Promise (GATP) Overview

You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. We offer remote unbiased multi-dimension supply planning support. However, if implemented correctly, GATP can provide a significant advantage to your company.

This horizon is entered in the ATP tab of the product location master. Gagp order processing is one of the most interesting aspects of GATP.

In gafp supply chain networks, rules-based ATP allows companies to take full advantage of multiple shipping assets to ship goods from alternative sites to customers. In pratice, this means that information must be made available as soon as possible in order to support optimized decision-making. Presentation Companies operating worldwide are increasingly required to globalize the available information in order to improve operations and costs.

However the actual implementation of the options is much different, and this leads to the next point. Nice blog Satish Waghmare. This is where the complexity of GATP really ratchets up, because there are so many options. In between the requested delivery date and the material availability date the goods issue date, the loading date and the transportation gatl date are scheduled.


Using information in the DP module, PAL lets you know your availability to promise when sales orders compete for quantities in a constrained supply chain. This means that customers have a higher likelihood of being gztp with product, aop a lower investment in inventory and productive capacity.

It is especially helpful for business scenarios that require products to be configured for individual customers assemble-to-order scenarios. GATP offers the ability to perform a global multi location check.

The key driver for triggering production as part of an ATP check is the configuration of the check instructions — production should aop triggered directly or after an availability check. Software that tries to do too much can end up not satisfying any of the requirements. This book explains why no one supply planning process meets all requirements and lists the many benefits of using multiple supply planning methods.

Introduction to SAP GATP aka Global Available to Promise

Much like CTM, a specific customer is allocated inventory or production capacity. This can be thought of as a buffer for GATP gat; is used to enhance performance. Availability checking is the standard functionality of SD. Hi Satish, Quite informative blog. ATP provides extra functionality over SD availability checking, which makes it significantly enhanced.

The operations of a business. It provides gayp check method that is especially important in make-to-order environments, where inventory is not available to confirm the quantity ordered by the customers.


This article is free, we do not answer questions for free. The main reason for this is the poor performance of the procedure. They match customers and suppliers through the website. The calculation profile can include the following:. This is an important distinction to draw because on projects, these terms are often used interchangeably, so being unaware of the differences can lead to confusion.

Identifier Business Even Text: EDQA automatically starts backorder processing. Transportation and Shipment scheduling. June 26, at 9: This allows processing to be performed against Contracts and Scheduling Agreements.

Different levels of hierarchy can be checked. Sometimes Amazon is selected as a vendor, but often another supplier showcased on the site is selected.

One complicating agtp with GATP is its product-location planning, as well as production scheduling along with an order commitment and inventory allocation system all in one.

Introduction to SAP APO GATP • *Brightwork | SAP Planning

Value maintained is taken into account in following checks. Multi-level ATP is designed for assemble-to-order operations and for configurable products. New products, production downtimes, and fatp factors lead to fluctuating demands, which can affect product supply.

On average, how many hours do you work a day? This has the immediate effect of reducing planned capacity or planned inventory, or both.