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I’m already speak a bit of Portuguese but I am not that good. Shamira May 22, This is a convenient way to do a language exchange.

How to Learn Papiamento (or Papiamentu) via Online Language Exchange

What Kind of Language Exchange? Pero mi kier papia Papiamento ku mas hendenan. Thank you for everything. Papiammento can speak dutch and Papiamento fluently. Solo quiesiera aprender chino, hablo espanol i se holandes tambien.

Winifer May 11, I would like to learn to speak and write english better.

How to Learn Papiamento (or Papiamentu) via Online Language Exchange

I’m aprendee Aruba, where the native language is Papiamento. Read the full testimonials. Ik will Chinese leren praten, ik kan spaans en nederland praten.

Hi i am sabrina im from aruba and im 19 i like kpop and any other type genre of music i got interested in korean because i want to know more in that language and cultureqnd if we can be friends that would be great my. Click here for tips on doing a language exchange with your pen pals.


I think it’s apdender knowing other people and their culture. Should you practice via email, text chat or voice chat? Chayenne December 3, Sign up now – add your free profile! I start watching korean movies and I like how it sound as songs to. Sabrina April 25, The simultaneous text chat that is available in the voice chat rooms makes it easy to explain words and aprencer.

The name’s Martin and while I’m not the most outgoing person out there I do enjoy a nice conversation, hearing about other cultures, history, hobbies and things like that. Chukulati October 17, Brodie December 3, Contact me for pricing at my email. My Spanish is okay since I did my semester abroad and my in In return I am fluent in English, Dutch and Papiamento. Jodiane July 7, Hello, If you would to learn Papiamento feel free to reach out to me!

Hi, I am living and working in Karlsruhe. I am obsessed with the Korean language, I would really like to learn. Martin November 30, How to do a language exchange?

Richi April 21, See who’s in text chat now. I offer 30 minute lessons via video call. I’m from the Netherlands but I grew up on the island of Aruba. I can understand spanish, but I can only speak it a little because of lack of practice.


I am just interested in polish language because I have polish friends, but I never got around to learning it. Hola, Estoy ofreciendo lecciones de Papiamento. This is suitable for intermediate level learners or higher.

You can take the time to use dictionaries and other resources to work on writing and grammar. I want to practice more and have a conversation in these languages. I studied European Studies at Hague Univeristy. I followed three German courses up to B1 and would like to practice speaking. Click here to access a free voice chat program with excellent sound quality. Maybe I can help with an other language.

Gedion December 2, Victor September 9, Like any other poor student I wish to travel m