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AR ARMY FAMILY ACTION PLAN (ACAP) PROGRAM. AR ARMY FAMILY ACTION PLAN (ACAP) PROGRAM. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. Army Family Action Plan Program Per AR , the Army Family Action Plan Program will be implemented to provide forums for Soldiers, retirees, DA civilians . AR –1. Army Community Service. This expedite revision, dated 19 October — o Incorporates Army Directive –35, Transitional.

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AFAP – Army Family Action Plan Flashcards Preview

You give her a dry look, “Who do you think told me to get you out before you got an Article 15 for underage drinking? They’ve been loud as hell and the music they’ve been blasting is just atrocious.

AR Dash 20 4 Dash 4 You cringe when you realize what’s about to happen. When you step into the sand pit that surrounds the obstacles, Beth doesn’t even acknowledge you. It looks like nothing has changed.

She’s planning on running with her soldier, which is so awesome to you. You can’t take it too personally, she just remembered the names of the artists and songs she caught you singing for about half a minute. Now, you’re trying to set up your life so you can leave for a year. It’s ridiculous, but it’s the way things go, she’ll be standing in front of First Sergeant with Private Motta when the time comes. Assuming she would want to drive her baby back to your car, you slip out of the seat and step down onto the foot rail.

You’re three weeks out and things are getting hectic. TC 25 Dash 30 8. Her hands move, one to the back of your chair and the other to the latch under your seat, between your ankles. As you walk, you’re looking around for anyone else you care about that might need a heads up. They get back to that serious place and you know SSG Pierce is telling Motta that this can’t happen again.


You’re not sure what Evans is up to tonight, and Flanagan looks like he’s missing from this action too. So your Platoon Sergeant has been gone for the last few days and, to your knowledge, shouldn’t be in uniform and heading into work. You ignore them and finally make it to the picnic table, reaching up to tap Motta on her calf, “Hey, Motta.

You remember your family getting ready to go away on the few vacations you’ve taken; arranging for someone to pick up your mail, making sure the perishables were out of the fridge, silly crap like that.

FM 21 Dash 18 2. It’s about forty minutes until Motta decided to stop trying to make conversation with you and has instead decided to eat as many orders of fries as she can until you get the message that it’s clear. Your shoulders are quaking with an effort to keep in your laughter. For all you expected, she could have called you her servant and it would almost be correct. The first thing he did was shake your hand and ask if you if there was anything he can do for you. She orders some triple stacked monstrosity with bacon and two layers of cheese.

You don’t want to be that someone. The confused expression on her face only lasts as long as it takes to recognize what song is playing and the lopsided, bashful smile that replaces it is so adorable. You hate how the military tracks your every move. She’s almost on SFC Fabray’s level. So you can give me your stink eye and tell me I’m too girly to be in the Army?

She lowers the cup from her smiling lips, she waves her cup around to the men around the courtyard, “Look at them, cute and useful.


She’s in uniform, and pauses at the door to fix her hair after taking off her patrol cap, you think it’s cute but the only thing out of place is the small curl forever falling out of her bun.

The girl doesn’t look away from you. If there’s a way to swirl a milkshake in an intimidating manner, you’re doing it.

She turns so abruptly that 6008-47 almost loses her balance, “Then what is it? She nods, the soles of her converse gliding along the log and she steps easily onto the next one, “I’m not stupid.

I Need a Medic Chapter AR Dash 47, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

It doesn’t matter if you’re friends or not, “You gotta come with me, alright? This… is so not your forte. Your mom is kind of a big deal around here. She might know, because you almost start to cry when she says, “We’re about to leave on this big scary adventure, and you feel like no one’s going to miss you.

You remember feeling special when someone actually seemed to care. The last thing you notice is that she’s the absolute spitting image of SFC Fabray.

You’re not sure if the at reason she’s talking about this with you is because she doesn’t have anyone else to talk to. You both follow her eyes and find the miniature obstacle course that she’s looking at.

You figure she’s on her way to the big meeting that’s being set up in the conference room, but that doesn’t explain the kid walking next to her on the sidewalk. You find the PT belt next to a book that looks like her registration and a flashlight.