Learn how to use ArcGlobe™ and manage its data content. In order to use this tutorial, you need to have the 3D Analyst extension and. ArcGIS installed and. ArcGlobe The other software package in 3D Analyst is ArcGlobe—a startlingly effective piece of 1 Using ArcGIS 3D Analyst Tutorial—available through Esri. Creating 3-D maps in ArcGlobe – a Grand Canyon fly through: Home The tutorial “Finding Digital Elevation Maps (DEMs) for use in ArcMap.

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This option is particularly useful with annotation feature classes, which can be draped on the surface or automatically billboarded to face the viewer. ArcScene is a 3D viewer that is well suited to generating perspective scenes that allow you to navigate and interact with your 3D feature and raster data. Toggle between the modes with the mode button: Data that does not have projection information associated with it cannot be added into ArcGlobe.

Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. You also have vector data for the fire road network and streams. Holding down the left mouse button lets you change the angles. Vector features are generally rasterized and displayed according to their associated LOD, which assists in very fast navigation and display.

Working with ArcGlobe and ArcScene—Help | ArcGIS Desktop

Draped layers are like a bedsheet thrown over a piece of furniture — they take on the shape of the underlying elevation surface. ArcGlobe has the same look and feel as Map and Scene but has some extra added benefits of display and flexibility.


This allows for fast display and visualization as you zoom in and out, pan around, and navigate to different places in your ArcGlobe document. Display of KML data. Floating, Draped and Elevation layers. The process of caching indexes and organizes all your data into tiles and levels of detail.

In surface mode you can tilt the view and get oblique views. Usually, a planar projection, ArcScene is geared for those with smaller spatial datasets who want to examine a defined study area.

In global mode I might navigate here:. To visualize the county in three dimensions for promotional purposes, such as images for ttorial and animations for videos. ArcGlobe is the best choice because of the following:. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Hold both buttons down and drag to pan the view. You have detailed data for the entire county. This is a nice way to demonstrate how viewsheds are driven by topography.

The other software package in 3D Analyst is ArcGlobe—a startlingly effective piece of software that ought to be used in every elementary school in the nation. For elevation data, you have a number of tiled DEM rasters that cover the entire county.

An ArcGlobe Tutorial

All data is loaded into memory, which allows for relatively fast navigation, pan, and zoom functionality. ArcGlobe is to a manual globe what ArcMap is to tutotial paper map. Many of the tools should look familiar though some are new: These are the navigation control buttons. Dynamic hillshading layer properties symbology and rendering display options. Learn more about cache management in ArcGlobe.

It has very good performance at navigation and rendering high- and low-resolution raster and vector data.


It also renders a representation of the surface of the earth more realistically than other projections. To identify the best candidate locations for placing a forestry fire watchtower. You do that next. You have building footprints, road centerlines, park areas, and transportation infrastructure data for a city, based on a prediction model for 15 years tutoriall the future. This is a sampling of some of the more significant functional differences between ArcGlobe and ArcScene.

Exercise 6: ArcGlobe Basics

A server running a virtualized desktop environment cannot leverage a graphics card in the same way your local desktop can. The 3D navigate tool at the left is used to move your viewpoint around. All data added to an empty ArcGlobe document is projected on the fly to this coordinate system.

Floating layers are layers on the globe but not attached to the surface in the help files they give examples of airplanes and clouds…. To visualize the oil wells in three dimensions to see the effectiveness and coverage of your bores. Available with 3D Analyst license.

An ArcGlobe Tutorial | GIS Blog

Supported, but not recommended. We can add any spatial data layers we like and drape them over the elevation surface. In ArcScene, vectors remain in their native format and can float independently of the raster surface. Ticking the first box sentences to point to always be a flat, two-dimensional image. ArcScene renders subsurface data and volumes very well.