Tiruppugazh, composed by saint poet Arunagirinathar, is unique because it brings before us the image of Lord Muruga in full splendour and glory and bestows. The very famed poet Arunagirinathar found his devotional calling when he was rescued by a stranger as he was attempting to give up his life. He claimed that.

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In one of his songs he said: Though they appeared to tread different path, they all sought to reach the same end; the liberation.

Thiruppugazh — Musical Way of Worship

Arunagirinathar visited over temples of Siva, Muruga, Vishnu and other deities. Arunagirinathar has combined his poetic skill and his devotion towards Muruga with remarkable ease. The Thiruppugazh songs arunahirinathar in manuscript form for a number of years and were gradually forgotten.

He may have done in earlier birth or this birth, but whatever the nature of action, he has to suffer the consequences of it. The poet Arunagirinathar represents a remarkable blend of Tamil literary genius, devotion to Murugan and musical expertise.

Early mediaeval Tamil religious poems were written in a language and style that followed the pattern of classical Tamil literature. He dedicated his entire life to this endeavour, compiling songs, setting them to music and conducting bhajans.

Thiruppugazh – Wikipedia

But rather than falling in the hard surface of the ground Arunagiri found himself in the strong hands of a savior. Pazhani Vakuppu starts with the lines: However, there is hope for one who chants Pazhani Vakuppu with devotion as the grace of Muruga would indeed mitigate his sufferings to some extent.

He travelled the length and breadth of Tamil Nadu, beginning from Vayalur. I have selected certain songs which dealt with the question of liberation Mukti and made an attempt to interpret the verses from my own limited understanding.


All devotional works hail the glory pugazh of the Lord and come under the category of Tiru Pugazh, but only Arunagirinathar’s works got that title because he alone described, in his own beautiful poetic style, the glory of the Lord truly, completely and magnificently. Besides, all the four lines start with same word, yet each word carry different meaning. He saw all Gods having different forms as manifestation of one reality, the Brahman.

Later, we flooded him with queries, and he said: A hymn from Kandar Alamgaram says: He believed that all forms are manifestations of one Supreme Being. While the mind is always in a state of disturbance and turmoil, the senses are pulling in different directions.

At a very young age, he studied scriptures, Itihas and Puranas. Varying rhythms were in-built into the songs in a way that every song has a distinct Thala or time measure.

Whereas akam poetry uses the imagery in the arunaagirinathar of secular, sensuous lovethe Thiruppugazh uses the same imagery in the context of the longing of the individual for God. Kandhar Andhathi is a hymn consisting of stanzas of four lines arungirinathar, the first word of all four lines starting with the same word yet each carrying a different meaning. As I get your delightful vision, your Lotus feet adorned by the ornaments of Sadhangai and Thandai, your ankles adorned by Silambu and your twelve shoulders adorned by the Kadappa garlands, what can the planetary or other influence do to me?

He toured all over South India, collected manuscripts, including palm leavesassembled the texts and published them in two volumes, the first in and the second in Tihrupugal is arunagiriinathar in the Chandam style which means setting the verses in metre, conforming to beats or rhythm. He then decided to dispense with his body and fell from the tower of Turuvannamalai.

Arunagiri visited temples all over South India and composed 16, songs – about 2, alone remained in this earth. The entire composition of verses of four lines starts with 8 letters: Abirami Apps See more.


He was the creator of Thiruppugazh Tamil: He founded thirupuga organization called “Thiruppugazh Anbargal”, which has evolved a well-structured training scheme to those who aspire to learn these songs at no cost.

Thiruppugazh — Musical Way of Worship

A hymn from Kandar Alamgaram says:. In Thiruppugazh, the literature and devotion has been blended harmoniously. Thiruppugazh is meant to be rendered in harmony with Raga, in rhythm to thala, with full knowledge of arunagirinatnar meaning and with full devotion bhava. While others rendered songs and then realized God at the end, Arunagirinathar realized the God at the very beginning and then rendered his songs. There is no doubt srunagirinathar Arunagirinathar possessed a deep knowledge of music and rhythms.

His poems are known for their lyricism coupled with complex rhymes and rhythmic structures. In fact, by reciting Thiruppugazh, a devotee gets blessed with whatever he thinks best for him.

He said he would never forget the blessings bestowed on him by Muruga. Arunagirinathar lived at a time when the differences between Saivism and Vaishnavism were almost receding. The Arunagirinathaf heard her prayer and blessed her with a son. It was sometime in 15th century and the God she prayed was Lord Arunachala.

In another song, Arunagirinathar says: This latest UI design is quite the eye catcher and is easily navigable. Thiruppugazh is one of the major works of medieval Tamil literatureknown for its poetical and musical qualities, as well as for its religious, moral and philosophical content.

Thanks to him, Thiruppugazh classes sprung up both in cities and rural qrunagirinathar, and Thiruppugazh Anbargal started performing in various forums including Temples, Music Sabhas and homes of devotees where they attracted large audiences.