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Jeremy Jonis Language Arts — Ms. Rocks are thrown into the air, and may break houses. It is because she plays with me.

Large pandas easily climb trees. His heart started pounding madly and he knew he was in trouble.

He was wearing black jeans, a black shirt and a leather coat in his hand he had an ax. She calls friends to go to my house. Adrianne Pires Language Arts — Ms. With my color at night I can hide I the middle of the trees to get food. Ele ficou o inverno todo sem comida. The alien fell down on the ground.


M7 favorite place is outside. A college boy was next to be chosen because he was in his fifth year of medicine and he was an experienced sailor. Machelor My Scary Story Boom!!!!

Alex ran and ran. Some animals are lions, tigers, dolphins, monkeys, and dogs. Eucalyptus is the third biggest tree.

I love delicious to eat beef with chees. I like sushi because of the rice, fish and nori. Horses are fwrias beautiful, I can ride at the arena and I like ponies too.

livro bruxa onilda pdf

My favorite subjects at school are aa. For me this person is my mom. This is what I am going to tell you. Their thick fur and a layer of fat keep them warm. He got his pocket knife [a gift from his father when he was still alive] and waited frontwards to the door.

There are about colors in this world these are my favorite colors. Then Alex sat again on the grass. I heard the loud sounds of the quero-quero birds. My favorite animals are adorable. Cheetahs are very fast like a car, so I like them.


I like sushi because I like the rice and the fish. O anjinho foi falar com o mal e pedir para ele largar o menino. Those are my favorite colors Those are my favorite things.

My other food makes me very happy. Emily Nicolelis Portuguese — Ms. I like to watch Sponge bob because it is crazy. Lucas Kelm Language Arts — Ms.

Glasgow – United Kingdom

Margolis gostou de todos os jogos. I am scared of nothing. O menino cresceu e se tornou um menino legal.

Now you know what my favorite foods are. Maria Emilia has no brothers or sisters. Enric Larreula i Vidal nace en Barcelona en