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AS/NZS Australian/New Zealand Standard. ™. Structural steel welding. Part 1: Welding of steel structures. A. S. /N. ZS AS/NZS Australian/New Zealand Standard™. Structural steel welding. Part 1: Welding of steel structures. Originated in Australia as AS CA8— Join our Senior Welding Engineer Alan McClintock as he brings to attention what to do if using steels not manufactured to AS/NZS

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The design service temperature for the steel shall be determined in accordance with Paragraph B3. What does this mean for you the fabricator or the site welder? The size of a complete penetration T-joint or corner joint butt weld shall be the thickness of the part that butts against the face of the other part.

Welding to AS/NZS of Boron Containing Steel

See Appendix D, Item a. Low and intermediate alloy steels da Metallic Part 1: Where a non-destructive examination is specified, the drawings or other documents shall clearly state the methods to be used and the extent of testing to be carried out see also Clause 3. For plates with a thickness of not less than 20 mm, a portion of each multi-pass butt weld should be examined ultrasonically, to determine whether aas are any transverse cracks within the weld metal.

Low and intermediate alloy steel electrodes for manual metal-arc welding of carbon steels and low and intermediate alloy steels superseded In this article guidance is given on the modifications required to previously published Any steel type from any of the above Ax may be welded to any other steel type from any Standard listed above, provided the requirements of this Standard are met for each of the steels.

The selection of GP or SP category by the engineer is what drives the level of inspection.

They should comply with the following, as appropriate: All Submerged arc 12 max. Only Sections U, X and Z apply to unequal-width rectangular hollow sections. For welds on material with a thickness of more than 50 mm, evaluation shall be carried out at Level 3. Published on 23 September At least one IQI should be used with each radiograph.

Asnzs Compliance Requirements | Blog | Global Welding

Size px x x x x Nzss probe angle shall be the actual measured angle, not the nominal angle. The intention is that the designer select the category suited to the severity of the service and nominate this on the drawings. ASAS Tearing at the ends of imperfections shall not be considered for the purposes of assessing the depth or height of imperfections.


The holding of one of the following shall be accepted as evidence of these qualifications: NDT such as x-ray or magnetic particle testing will follow to pick up small defects the eye cannot see.

Cracks or blemishes resulting from arc strikes on members, other than those that are essentially statically loaded, shall be ground to a smooth contour in accordance with Clause 5. It lays out the requirements for design, as in weld size, length and placement, for the minimum training level required, do you need a full tradesman or not, for the testing required, x-ray or crack testing, and for the documentation that you are required to produce to satisfy the job requirements.

All welds shall receive a full visual inspection in accordance with Section 6. For MMAW consumables, the situation is more complex as impact energy requirements for system B classified consumables follows the current AWS practice of defining minimum requirements for each electrode class and composition. Filler wires shall be dry, smooth and free from corrosion or other matter deleterious either to satisfactory operation or to the weld metal. Licensees are permitted to use the Product the following extent: Co py rig ht St Where adjacent imperfections are aligned, they shall be assessed in the manner shown in Figure 6.

Galvanizing and metal spraying have now become separate standards. Although this Standard has been specifically prepared for steel structures, it may be usefully applied to machine frames and other types of steel constructions.

The welding operator must be tested for the type and position of weld to be used. The specimen shall comply with the requirements given in Table 4.

AS 1554.1 & AS/NZS 1554.1

A procedure qualification on a double-J butt weld shall also qualify for welding a single-J butt weld that has been welded on both sides. A procedure qualification on a single-U butt weld that has been welded from only the one side shall qualify for welding a double-U butt weld and a single-U butt weld that has been welded 154.1 both sides.

A fracture assessment shall be made, using a fracture mechanics analysis coupled with fracture toughness measurements of the steel selected, weld metal and heat-affected zones and non-destructive examination of the welds and their heat-affected zones.

Where routine testing reveals imperfections requiring further consideration in accordance with Section 6, Clause 6. Structural steel welding Pa. Where radiographic testing is used, 2 side mzs or 1 face and 1 root bend tests are also required to qualify weld procedures and welders using either the GMAW or FCAW 155.1 cored wire only processes.


Flux fused in the welding process shall not be re-used. Test reports for non-destructive examination shall nnzs with the appropriate Australian Standard and shall include the following additional ws A welding procedure qualified by another fabricator, see Clause 4. Single-run and multiple-run fillet welds may be qualified on opposite sides of the same test plates. Standards may also be withdrawn. All of this quality system can be sued as a fantastically powerful sales tool to your potential clients as many other firms are non-compliant.

St The transition slope between the parts shall be not steeper than 1: The transition shall be made by chamfering the thicker part or by sloping the weld surfaces, or by any combination of these as shown in Figure 3.

The design service temperature shall be warmer than? Under no circumstances are you permitted to sell, transfer or copy this PDF file, the one permitted printed copy of this PDF file, or any part of either of them.

With the exception of quenched and tempered steels, parent materials not identified to a Standard nominated in Item c above may be used, provided one of the following requirements is met: Where flame-heating methods are applied, the following restrictions shall apply: No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, without the written permission of the publisher, unless otherwise permitted under the Copyright Act Australia or the Copyright Act New Zealand.

Where the weld is full size throughout its length, no reduction in effective length shall be made for either the start or crater of the weld. No warranty of any nss is given by Standards New Nss or by any party associated with Standards New Zealand with regard to this PDF file, and you accept and acknowledge that Standards New Zealand caused which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly through any use of this PDF file.

The globalisation of the structural steel supply chain has sparked concern over the quality of fabricated steelwork in New Zealand building projects when source