For many decades, the principals and senior management of LPI have been providing specialist lightning protection advice to customers in some of the most. Visit our website and learn more about AS/NZS standards. You may require this Standard if you are an electricity network operator or electrical contractor and intend to: design; construct; commission.

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The selection of the most suitable protection measures shall be made by the designer according to the contribution of each risk component to the total risk, and according to the technical and economic aspects of the different protection measures available.

Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. For each type of loss relevant to the structure, compare the acceptable risk with the total risk calculated.

Hence, lightning strikes to the ground anywhere on this metallic network may cause shocks elsewhere. For example, in theatres and halls there can be a significant risk of panic if a lightning strike causes loss of electricity supply or other mechanical or fire-related damage.

Damage may also extend to the surrounding environment e. Do not carry metallic objects such as umbrellas or golf clubs and remove metallic chains and other jewellery, particularly from the head and upper parts of the body. If the application of these protection measures cannot fulfil this condition, specific protection measures shall be provided according to the values of the risk components refer to detailed calculations and assumptions in Appendix A.

Report “AS – Lightning Protection”. They are as follows: Many human activities imply a judgement that the benefits outweigh the related risks. A less dangerous situation is where the person is subjected to step or touch potentials, and only a small fraction of the total current passes through the body, although the pathway taken by this fraction is still important.

What legislation ass this requirement? It may also be important to specify other protection measures such as SPDs on incoming conductive electrical service lines and internal equipment.


This is probably because of warnings not to use the telephone, except in an emergency, during a lightning storm and the use of SPDs on telephone installations in lightning prone areas. This Clause lists the overriding design rules that shall normally be observed to provide minimum requirements for air terminals, downconductors and earth terminations.

It is important that readers assure themselves they are using a current Zs, which should include any amendments which may have been published since the Standard was purchased. These rules are the first step in the process of the design of a complete LPS. For more frequent listings or notification of revisions, amendments and withdrawals, Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand offer a number of update options.

AS – Lightning Protection – Free Download PDF

We need your help! A person touching or close to an object struck by lightning may be affected by a side-flash, or receive a shock due to step, touch or transferred potentials. Regarding the potential types of risk due to lightning listed in Clause 2. For each protection level, a zns of maximum sizing criteria and minimum interception criteria lightning current parameters is fixed, together with the corresponding rolling sphere radius.

This Standard was published on 10 January This Standard is intended to provide authoritative guidance on the principles and practices of lightning protection for a wide range of structures and systems. It consists of both external and internal LPSs and is defined as a set of construction rules, based on corresponding protection level.

Please consult the Contact Officer for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance if any that may be required. Technical considerations include addressing the highest risk components while economic considerations involve minimizing the total cost to achieve a suitable level of protection. The worst situation would arise when a person is struck on the head, in which case the current through the body could cause fatal injuries to the brain, the heart and the lungs.

An example of this might be a communications installation at the top of an office building. To reduce lightning damage and its consequential effects, lightning protection measures may be required.


Each year a number of persons are struck by lightning, particularly when outdoors in open space 17668 as an exposed location on a golf course, or when out on the water.

Thank you for interesting in our services. Renewable energy certificates small-scale technology certificates may be issued after a small generation unit is installed. If, after completing the LPS risk assessment, it is evident that surge protection is required to protect internal systems within the building and services at entry to the buildings then the requirements of Section 5 shall be applied.

For certificates to be issued, the small generation unit must meet certain conditions and guidelines.

AS / NZS 1768 Lightning Protection – Australian Government

Where modern fixed line telephonist headsets are used, this increases the risk of human injury through external transients being conducted through to those wearing the headsets. This rise in local earth potential can result in a breakdown between the person and the telephone, which is connected to a nominal remote earth via the telecommunications service line. Section 8 gives advice on precautions to be taken during installation, inspecting, testing, and maintaining lightning protection systems.

Between editions, amendments may be issued. Section 3 provides advice on the protection of persons from lightning, mainly relating to the behaviour of persons when not inside substantial buildings. In the case of pipelines, with no metallic gasket on flanges, conveying explosive fluid.

We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. The following swimming pool safety procedures are recommended: Where headsets are used for a large percentage of the time, or where operators may be unaware of local lightning storms, the risk of injury from lightning can be dramatically reduced by the use of wireless headsets.

The value of each component of risk R x may be calculated using an expression similar to that shown below: Risk assessment for protection of specific conductive electrical services may also be undertaken in isolation based on specific Standards and performance criteria.