The linear wear test, ASTM G, reproduces the linear reciprocating motion found in many real-world tribology mechanisms. ASTM G – Designation: G – 02 Standard Test Method for Linearly Reciprocating Ball-on-Fla. ASTM G – – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ASTM G –

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A small, shallow annulus surrounding the elastically deformed area may give the g133 of wear, whereas little or no appreciable wear has actually occurred.

Wear test results are usually reported as the volume of material lost for the block. Additional guidelines for reporting data are found in Guide G The latter quantity requires more steps in order to obtain a?

Warning—For lubricated tests in which there is minimal wear, it is possible to be misled in reading the apparent wear scar diameter of the ball tip optically because of elastic recovery. New fuel cell concept brings biological design asstm better electricity generation. Tests can be run with diverse loads, velocities, and temperatures that simulate actual service conditions using various lubricants and liquids.

Apply the prescribed test load.

ASTM G – 05() – Standard Test Method for Linearly Reciprocating Ball-on-Flat Sliding Wear

Y133 example, it may start high then experience a transition to a lower value during the test. Humidity can vary with air? Surface roughnesses of 0.

The following equation may be used: This test is also applicable to addressing tribological concerns for engine valve stems and rollers, including measurement of hardness and modulus of valve material, and wear tests on the valve and cylinder head interface. Bruker Nano Surfaces, Tucson, Arizona Very few industries are as affected by strict test standards as the automotive sector. Construction of a controlledhumidity enclosure around the testing?


Adtm ASTM G test method utilizes a flat lower specimen and a ball-shaped upper counterpart that slides against the flat specimen Figure 1. Since the direction of the friction force changes rapidly during the test, traditional strip-charttype recorders may be too slow to follow these changes at high frequencies of reciprocation.

See Test Methods E and E A UMT can measure Vickers hardness asm can be reconfigured to a linear test setup from rotary in minutes. Precision and Bias The coefficient of variation for the wear volume of the?

For example, permitted static error of a In full immersion, liquid-lubricated tests, the bath temperature shall be measured and reported.

InSight Measures Motion on Mars. G — 02 and root-mean-square surface roughness. Kinetic friction coefficient can be calculated from: In addition to contact testing of the piston ring and cylinder, UMTs can be used to examine their material finishing processes, the effect of normal force, and the use of different lubricants on friction and wear. During oscillating tests, the normal force may vary slightly about the mean value due to the dynamics of the machine. A calibrated ocular or a photomicrograph of known magni?

ASTM G133 – 05(2016)

A cycle is de? Test Number 1 astmm 3 4 5 6 7 8 Friction Coefficient,? Diamond, WC, Rubber and many other materials: The direction of the relative motion between sliding surfaces reverses in a periodic fashion such that the sliding occurs back and forth and in a straight line. Very few industries are as affected by strict test standards as the automotive sector.

Test Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Flat Wear Volume, mm3 0. The same specimen materials were tested in? To measure the wear, it is necessary to clean the specimens in such a way asstm the surface features are not altered. Bath temperature shall be controlled to within a maximum deviation of If the calculated contact stress exceeds the hardness asttm either material, there will be permanent plastic deformation and elastic conditions do not apply.


A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval.

Universal Mechanical Testers for Tribology Testing in the Automotive Industry

Either of two sets of testing conditions designated Procedures A and B may be used. The length of the track can be adjusted prior to the start of measurement. These specimens move relative to one another in a linear, back and forth sliding motion, under a prescribed set of conditions. Piston ring segment holder Comprehensive tribology testing plays an important role in automotive applications.

Inspect the ball tip with a hand lens after it is mounted to ensure that there are no defects in the contact area.

This test method encompasses both unlubricated and lubricated testing procedures. The procedure appropriate for the given materials and test severity should be selected.

The primary criterion is that the coupon present a? UMTs offer interchangeable modules and the ability to program and control the application of complex forces and motions through servo-control. These numerical values for repeatability and reproducibility do not h133 represent those quantities which would be obtained if other material combinations were tested 6 where: Individual reprints single or multiple copies of this standard may be obtained by contacting ASTM at the above address or at phonefaxor service astm.

The ball is rigidly mounted and has a spherical tip which moves back and forth across the surface of a polished? NOTE 2—This procedure requires full-immersion lubrication. Report the standard deviation.