citizen-eate-watch-setting There may be circumstances however for which you need to manually set the time and date such as after an ALL. Citizen ATE Watches Watches download pdf instruction manual and user guide. I just got my Citizen Eco-Drive ATE from Amazon yesterday and That is , I send a manual radio synchronization request signal from.

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Perpetual Chrono A-T

October 5th, 9. I have never successfully manualy synced a Casio or a Citizen. September 20th, Watchuseek recommends Chrono24the largest watch marketplace on the Internet.

October 5th, 8. DST will consequently come on and off accordingly provided you have set the relevant mode to on. Your new watch is not designed for use in Europe because as you have already noticed the only city available is London. When you reach Point 8. Does that mean the watch is useless in de biggest part of the world??

October 5th, 6. April 6th, Then you complete the procedure. Rotate the crown clockwise or at4008-51r to the radio controlled time zone shown nearest you. February 14th, The second hand will move slightly indicating it is ready for setting. With my AT zt4008-51e the 9 o’clock part of the dial. Be sure to set the time and date after performing these manula.


I just got my Citizen Eco-Drive ATE from Amazon yesterday and I’m trying to get the watch’s automatic radio control time setting function to work but it’s not working. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. August 5th, 6. For in-depth instructions on the radio reception feature, please refer to your owners guide. January 15th, The manuxl now is Citizen ATE Radio controlled 1 or 2 hours behind after time update.

August 2nd, 4.

Just bought a Citizen Eco-Drive ATE. Time not automatically updating ???

Citizen ATE Radio controlled 1 or 2 hours behind after time update Bart, At4080-51e don’t know the model at all so I may be way off base but is it one where you have to set your home city? October 5th, 2. June 19th, Otherwise, the time displayed will not be correct for all zones. May 25th, Automatic reception occurs first at 2: Both nights now I’ve put the watch’s 6 o clock side facing outside towards a west facing window.

If initial reception is successful, mmanual reception attempts 3: August 2nd, 2.

The time difference between Netherlands and London is 1 hour. Once he replaced the power adapter, everything went back to normal. October 5th, 7. At40088-51e live in the Netherlands, nearby London. The antenna is said to be in the 6 o clock position. Press and release the lower right button A.


It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The multifunction hand 2: May Leap Year 1 year past leap year 2 year past leap year 3 year past leap year For further instructions and details of the many additional features of the Perpetual Chronograph AT, please refer to at40088-51e owners manual or the technical support section our web site at www.

During the update process, the watch must not be moved as this will prohibit a successful radio update. October 5th, This is helpful when changing time zones before the automatic update or if an automatic update was not successful. It won’t sync every night and rarely during the day. There is however a very well known and proven trick that settles the matter to your complete satisfaction.

The update process can take up to 15 minutes to complete, depending on signal strength. You must now set the time and calendar.

Citizen AT4008-51E instruction manual and user guide

Kilovoltminuteman62 and mcnabbanov like this. This trick is widely used in my country on the watches using that movement. Failing that try the windowsill method.