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Driver paramater assessment, Klipschorn upgrade, Hazard tester, Transformers uncovered, Hi-end preamp, A study system.

Continue Shopping Checkout Now. InKirk Elliott shared his take on the design, transforming the stock Champ into a quieter, safer, and more reliable studio amplifier. August 20, by Jenoe Keceli. It is based on two of my earlier patents. The design allows greater coherence and smooth response for the system.

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The listening quality of the earlier column was very good but this new column goes beyond excellent. In this classical tube amplifier project, author Bob McIntyre offers what is effectively the foundation for many designs that we can find currently in the market.

DC balance controls allow adjustment so the lamps just extinguish when there’s no input signal. This article was originally published in audioXpress, September This is a led upgrade service. There is an emotional appeal to loud music but care must be taken to avoid permanent hearing damage.

August 5, by Bill Reeve.


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Need Help Contact Us. Erno Borbely shares with us his all-FET audio audixpress design. Many people use iron core coils in their crossovers, but don’t really know how good they are.

No crossovers are used and electronic equalization corrects for response. This article first appeared in the Japanese magazine Radio Technology, December I even incorporate some general semantics approaches about perception.

Glass Audio Vault: The Remaking of a Champ

Welcome to Hificollective, to create an account please register here. They are brand new high quality bulbs not the cheap junk from China.

The Dutch Secret is unique in audiox;ress the ring is made of Plexiglas and is illuminated by a light in the base. It’s also “sudden death” if you accidentally put your foot through the ceiling below. Try these Red bulbs we also have Red bulbs for the Radio too.

The Mighty Mouse is indeed a good sounding and inexpensive project that is also a good introduction to tube amplification. The units and values for the measurements in mR are correct. March 29, by Ron Tipton. Detailed instructions and diagrams for the cabinet and crossover are given, including how to make your own crossover coils. The picture at the right is part of my General Radio test equipment that I used for the article.

Any comments, corrections, or additions are welcome. February 25, by Rick Spencer. Created by Roger Russell All rights reserved.

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Serving enthusiasts, audiophiles and industry professionals through publishing periodicals, directories and books. The photo shows the rear of the expander-compressor. The DC balance controls are in the center and the fuse and line cord are at the left.


I received payment again for this article. When we connect audio components, interference may occur from various power and signal grounds. There sudioxpress a 12″ woofer, a 2″ soft dome mid and a 1″ dome tweeter.

Here is a simple portable device from George Ntanavaras that can help answer the question about peak voltage and peak current requirements and whether or not your power amplifier is capable of driving your loudspeaker without clipping.

I supplied the photos of the various cabinet construction steps and the crossover construction.

June 24, by Bjorn Johannesen. As the author described, a great project for discriminating audiophiles. Antique tube radios are some of the most coveted vintage electronics any audio enthusiast can acquire. Upgrading a Unique Stereo Column System.

A simple transistor circuit and lamp are connected at the power amplifier output.

This article was originally published in audioXpress, October This is a led upgrade service for your to manual slide climate control pictured above. It works just as good today as it did back in The center coil in the picture is an air core 22007 I used for comparison and acted as a double check on my test equipment.