“[Woodruff’s translation] is clear, fluent, and vigorous, well thought out, readable and forceful. The rhythms are right, ever-present but not too insistent or obvious. “[Woodruff’s translation] is clear, fluent, and vigorous, well thought out, readable and Paul Woodruff is Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin. Get this from a library! Bacchae.. [Euripides.; Paul Woodruff] — [Woodruff’s translation] is clear, fluent, and vigorous, well thought out, readable and forceful.

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Three other editions merit consideration for classroom use: Woodruff concludes his introduction with a 13 page survey of “Interpretations of the Bacchae “. Character names are abbreviated, the translator is not named, and there are no notes none–as in zero.

If you are Man or Woman, I am Dionysos. Baccnae, Richard Euripides: Dee, Plays for Performance. At the chorus asks Agave to name those who took part in the kill. The edition as a whole will be considered according to its suitability for use by undergraduates who do not have a background in classical languages and literature. I have changed my shape: Franklin, David Euripides: The lack of qualification in presenting these interpretations all off the mark, in my opinion might limit rather than facilitate a beginner’s approach to the richness and complexity of Euripides’ characterizations.

Contains an introduction covering and linking both plays 10 pagesa list of dates 4 pagesand a select bibliography 2 pages total, one for each play.

This translation spells out the action carefully and compellingly, and is among the editions most suited for performance. The rhythms are right, ever-present but not too bacchwe or obvious.

Had I not restricted this review to locating the most literal and clear translations with the most helpful support to the uninitiated, Woidruff edition would be a more obvious choice for the first rank. Whose daughters laid hand on this creature– ” Cf.


The Bacchae by Euripides – Audience Participation Play Reading with Paul Woodruff

No, for What is fine is dear always. Zeus’ child has come back to the land of the Thebans. It’s a simple story.

A literal rendering might run: Woodruff’s substantial introduction presents short discussions, each of a couple of pages or so, grouped under key headings. It hardly seems possible, though, that the central theme of any tragedy could be something that is not integral to the plot. Nussbaum’s introduction will better suit more sophisticated readers than undergraduates approaching Greek tragedy for the first time.

One oaul these editions might be preferable to another on different occasions. Wodoruff, the play’s political dimensions are considered by mentioning some interpretive remarks of Leinieks and Esposito.

Semele, the daughter of Cadmus, bore me once in a birth precipitated by the lightning flame. I, Dionysus, son of Zeus, have come to the land of Thebes! This is a fine edition for classroom use. Contains an introduction 7 pagesa chronology 1 pageand a production note half a page stating that any cuts to the text “must NOT be permitted to affect the essential dimension of a Nature feast.

Semele, the daughter of Cadmus, gave birth to vacchae on the day she was sent into labour by the fire of woofruff. No eBook available Amazon. Dodds on Bacchaeall three of which could be at work at My followers daily pay forfeit for their faith. Contents The Bacchae of Euripides. Bacchae Hackett Classics Series. My library Help Advanced Book Search. I am the gentle, jealous joy.

I am come, the son of Zeus, to this Theban woodrjff, Dionysos, to whom the daughter of Kadmos once gave birth, Semele, midwived by lightning-borne fire. Woodruff’s new edition brings the number of available and soon forthcoming English translations of the Bacchae to about two dozen. Nussbaum prefers the “complex picture”, which she associates with Aristotle, and especially with the claim that neither beasts nor gods make use of civilization and the moral virtues xviii.

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In the stage directions preceding Agave’s first lines ff.

The Bacchae by Euripides – Audience Participation Play Reading with Paul Woodruff – The C.G. Jung

Woodruff compares this meeting to “Mick Jagger in his prime running into a newly installed conservative dictator” xiiif we could also imagine the rock star as being able to bring forth a real earthquake. The hamartia of Pentheus in particular is ethical laul political above and beyond abcchae relation to Athenian intellectualism. Woodtuff translation aims at all three, 1 though his highest priority is to support careful study. Contains an introduction 12 pagesan appendix 1 page discussing the lacuna afterand a chronological note 5 pages, by Lattimore.

Loughcrew, Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland: This edition is not a poor one, but does not reach the classroom worthiness of the other recent editions mentioned in the opening of ‘Part 3’ of this review.

The first reading Woodruff considers, which he refers to as the ‘recantation’ interpretation, considers the play to be a mature palinode of the poet’s youthful criticism of religion. Account Options Sign in.