plant perception (a.k.a. the Backster effect). Plants are living things with cellulose cell walls, lacking nervous or sensory organs. Animals do not. Grover Cleveland Backster Jr. could always spot a liar. When he publicized his findings, the so-called Backster effect became a pop-culture. The Spirit Science Source Field series begins here, as we dive into the field by exploring something called the backster effect! Cleve Backster was very.

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He tested his plants on a polygraph machine and found that plants react to thoughts and threats. Fighting Infections with Feces: University of Pittsburgh Press.

This kind of amateur approach to experiment and naive reinforcement of speculations as if they were facts established by incontrovertible evidence is typical of Backster and his supporters. Paranormal terminology Plants Pseudoscience. Unfortunately, repeatability justifies claiming an outcome is probably true only if the backsyer experiment was done properly.

Pickett, and David Johnson. Petersburg Times”We know plants don’t have nervous systems. Backater trains policemen to use the polygraph or “lie detector” test. So, he left the room. Plant biologists have long spurned the crazy ideas of botanical feelings and consciences such as those explored by Backster, but does that mean that these topics are not worth studying?

Similar to how some plants can pick up the scents of fellow neighbors or notice when another plant was casting a shadow, plants were communicating. Views Read Edit View history. Because, he says, he was using a “wheatstone bridge circuit that is designed to measure resistance changes.

Why he thought of threatening the plant isn’t quite clear.

Scientific Truth Verification, Lie Detection. He could hardly believe it. Next, it might have occurred to them that there might be a better way to measure electrical current in plants than using a polygraph. Backster tells us that it was on Backsteg 2,in his “lab” in New York City that he did his first plant experiment.


Deadly Straw, Primary Perception”. His lack of control experiments were criticized and explanations, such as that the polygraphs were responding to static electricity build-up and humidity changes, were put forward. When he got back to his experiment, he lit a match, but careful and observant scientist that he was, he realized that the machine was so agitated he wouldn’t be able to measure any additional agitation.

This device measures the electrical resistance of the skin.

The Secret Life of Plants

When controls were used, no plant reactions to thoughts or threats were observed. A Field Guide to the Senses. In layman’s terms, plants don’t have brains or anything similar to brains. He claims, however, that while standing there some five feet from the plant the polygraph “went into a wild agitation. The answer should be obvious. Views Read Edit View history.

Archived from the original PDF on It was just a place where he conducted training in the use of the polygraph. Fall Tagged as: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Unfortunately, when scientists in the discipline of plant physiology attempted to repeat the experiments, using either identical or improved equipment, the results were uniformly negative. He discovered that if he tore a leaf from one plant a second plant would respond, but only if he was paying attention to it.

One day, on the New Jersey Turnpike, he decided to let them know, through thought, that he was on his way home. Of course, neither one of them thinks they could be mistaken or deceived. February 27, — June 24, was an interrogation specialist for the Central Intelligence Agency CIAbest known for his experiments with plants using a polygraph instrument in the s which led to his theory of ” primary perception ” where he claimed that plants “feel pain” and have extrasensory perception ESPwhich was widely reported in the media but was rejected by the scientific community.

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Plant perception (paranormal) – Wikipedia

White Rose Millennium Press. It is a very revealing story and worth repeating. Hiroshi Motoyama for the study of “the human being as tridimensional.


A Mini Course in Pendulum Dowsing. Backster says he tried for 13 minutes and 55 seconds to get a reaction out of the plant by doing such things as dipping a leaf in warm coffee, but he got no response. Backster’s interest in the subject began in February when he tried to measure the rate at which water rises from a philodendron ‘s root into its leaves.

How plants react to their environment and to each other ultimately comes back to our interactions with plants. The fact is that Backster has never done anything like a controlled experiment and is no closer today than he was in to understanding why his polygraph made the contours it did when it was attached to his plant.

The not-so-secret life of plants. When controls were used, no detection of plant reaction to thoughts or threats could be found. Neurobiologists do not study plants and you will search in vain through the annals of neurobiological literature for verification of the Backster effect. In this study, bean plants were set up in close proximity to each other and when aphids attacked one bean plant, nearby plants picked up this system of warnings and then produced plant defenses, chemicals like methyl salicylate that act to repel the herbivores and to attract the predators of aphids.

Tompkins, Peter, and Christopher Bird. But the same “learning curve” soon repeated itself. A Shepard cited in Alexander Volkov. The idea is not accepted by the scientific community, as plants lack nervous systems. Backsyer researchers grounded the plants to reduce electrical interference and rinsed them to remove dust particles.

Caulfield, Christine Woodcock, John A.