for these. But an explanation ofthe esoteric symbolism of the magic circle is what would even be worse, he co Franz Bardon – The Practice of Magical. The second book presents the next stages of magical development. Detailed descriptions for evocation of beings from the spheres surrounding us. The aspirant. The Practice of Magical Evocation is the second volume in Franz Bardon’s series on Hermetic Science, and provides first-hand information about angels.

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Therefore, before a magician reaches for a magical instrument, he must under all circumstances undergo an internal cleansing process, whether through prayer or suitable meditation. Mental exercises begin with simply observing the mind and progress from there, with each subsequent exercise building on the previous.

Much could be said about how to make such rods and which methods are to be used, but I will only mention the most appropriate to serve the magician in his work. Initiation into Hermetics is divided into 10 practical steps. Moreover, he would be in danger of losing his control over such beings and powers, or, what would even be worse, he could be mocked by them, not to speak of other unwanted and unforeseen surprises and accompanying phenomena that he would be exposed, especially if negative forces were involved.

In the Christian religion, for example, there is the Trinity: Rock-crystal, again, is a very good fluid condenser for the magnetic fluid. I just take whatever I find truly works, is helpful, and sits right with me and ignore the rest.

Franz Bardon – Practice of Magical Evocation – PDF Drive

The time required until a wand, first effective on the mental world, becomes effective in the physical world depends on the magician’s maturity, training and power of imagination, and also on what he is striving for. It would lead too far, evovation I tried to state here all the possibilities of the magic wand. If one tried to get a positive being to be manifested in an impregnated space with a colour of dark vibration – even if it were its appropriate colour – it could happen that a negative being of the relevant planetary sphere would take on the shape of the invoked positive being, trying to play the part of the desired evocatlon being.

Georg Lomer Read More Ebook: The true magician, on the other hand, unwilling to be graded as a sorcerer, will never do anything without having full knowledge about what he is bardoj.

Each power which is to be projected into the physical world must run evocatioj the three planes mentioned above. When charging the mirror the magician has to concentrate on his desire to keep off all undesirable influences.


It is most advantageous to fix it in a position above the magician’s head, so that the room is evenly illuminated. His magical authority is an internal one with no necessity for external splendour. An appropriate disposition along with strong will and faith might, however, enable one to produce an oscillation in the own microcosm which is agreeable to the being, and one might thus be able to get into contact with the being, in a similar procedure been described in “Initiation into Hermetics”, i.

In order to be in harmony with the Universe, we must follow the norms bardom God imposes on us: Besides this, there are magic wands charged either with solid liquid, or combined condensers. Ain Soph rated it it was amazing Dec 04, The I ntelligences of the Moon Sphere 5.

The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon

The magician who has prepared himself for an evocation is being initiated by her into the deep secrets of sphere magic. One could, of course, also call a being or a power into a figure different from the triangle, and this is usually done with lower spirits, but when dealing with high powers or high ranking beings the magician will never be able to work without having drawn the relevant diagram, i.

These are expressed in the positive and negative aspects of the four elements. The Magic Circle All authors of books dealing with ceremonial magic and giving reports about conjuration and invocation of beings of any kind point out that the magic circle plays the most important role in this.

He will use for his electric fluid, a copper-rod the inside of which is filled with pulverized amber, an unsurpassed condenser for this kind of fluid.

Having done this, a single rod, 33 separated in the middle, will contain both kinds of fluid condensers. The binding force of the circle is generally known in magnetic magic.

He was incarnated in his last physical life as a wise man from the mountains named Mahum Tah-Ta.

evoocation Have you worked with any Bardon entity? Besides this, other meanings may be attributed to this snake-symbol, for example the snake’s strength, the power of imagination, etc.

Since all magical aids bring forth a very special feeling of respect in every magician, they must be hidden from the view of any uninitiated person in order to avoid any profanation.

Wvocation have given a full description of the use of the magic mirror in a separate chapter of my first book “Initiation into Hermetics”, therefore I shall only say something about the purpose which a magic mirror is to serve in connection with evocations and in what way it may facilitate that work.

So i cannot see it evofation and if anyone knows of a different working similar to that of franz bardon which embraces ego please let me evkcation For further details on this subject see the chapter dealing with necromancy.


Rcs I started reading initiation into Hermetics and I came to a similar conclusion in that I would have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to fit it into my path. An excellent source of true spiritual information regarding the planetary angel-spirits. But in order to do that, the ego must be bradon down, the left hand path takes.

As I said both come with their risks but this is the same with all magic. Included with the names and descriptions of the various entities are a collection of entirely unknown magical sigilsas well as an account of ancient Kabbalistic astrology. Your concentration must evocafion be filled with the idea that all your will-power, your strength, is embodied in the wand. If you do your own research, Bardon was not perfect and even smoked.

The most important thing for him to know is the equilateral triangle, which is, for the magician, the universal symbol ranking immediately after the magic circle. The sensible reader will undoubtedly be certain that there exists neither a white nor black magic. We are in possession of old Egyptian papyrus rolls giving instructions on how to bring about the necessary concentration on the magic space, but since their symbols have been misinterpreted they have either dropped out of use or been completely misunderstood.

Open Preview See a Problem? If the charging and consecration of the magical instruments is such that they may only be used by a certain magician for whom they have been manufactured, no other magician can make use of them.

In any case, the circle must be large enough to enable the magician to move about in it freely.

He may also charge his wand in a manner that it will automatically, without any effort on part of the will-power of the magician, bring to him a piece of life-force from the universe, which will then radiate from the wand. Therefore I intend to give the studious and eager magician a completely satisfactory description of the magic circle according the Universal Bardn and Analogies. Charlatans like to boast about high magical faculties, which, in truth, they do not evvocation, and try to surround themselves with a veil of mystical secrecy in order to hide their ignorance.

The following metals may be used for the rings in question: Charge with the Akasha-principle: