Beguiler Spell List. Level 0: Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Message, Open/Close, Read Magic Level 1: Charm Person, Color Spray. hey playground! I’m trying to help a new player out by printing her full spell list out for quick reference. I was wondering If anyone knew if there. Spells: A beguiler casts arcane spells, which are drawn from the beguiler spell list on page When you gain access to a new level of spells, you automatically .

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If a weapons section is necessary, then it should go here. Pump this stat as much as possible, it is just way more important than any other stat by a large margin. Of course, by this point any smart person is going to have mind blank or equivalent, so you are pretty much restricted to stealing an underling or two.

Sleeping creatures are helpless, which means they can be killed by a coup de grace. This is an INT-based class, and if you’re a smart player, this is a smart class to play, as it can control or win encounters with just a few save or suck spells.

The action is only worth the effort in a battle against a single target, but by level 4 the odds that target has 6 or fewer hit dice are pretty bad. Allows listening to surface thoughts. Power Word Kill — By this point, this spell should do virtually nothing. In undead heavy campaigns this is golden.

Base Class Prestige Classes Description. Vertigo Field — Not really worth it over one of the mist or cloud effects. Read Magic — Only the most pedantic of DMs care about this spell.


Index of Spells by Class – Beguiler

This is a slightly updated version of the handbook put together by Nicholas the Paladin. Making a Balance check makes you flat-footed, so it creates an opening for sneak attacks on every turn of its duration.

On the other hand, negated by a save, language-dependent, mind-affecting. It has a great range and a decent spread, and the effect is basically as good as Invisibility cast on your whole party.

The base daily spell allotment is given on Table 1—1. Shadow Walk — A transit spell. Finding a nonmagical trap has a DC of at least 20, or higher if it is well hidden. At low levels, this could happen pretty often, so you may be glad of this spell.

Example of Closed Content reproduced without permission. Races Basically, you want to be a gnome. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The radius is incredibly narrow.

Lets you see all things as they really are. Link lets allies communicate. If you delight in manipulating others, either to their disadvantage or for their own good, then the beguiler is the class for you. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Otherwise, this is a trash, trash ability. Mass Whelm — Just as useless as the other versions, though at least this one does as much damage as a real damage spell. Turns you invisible and creates illusory double.

The biggest draw is that you can cast it on your entire party, assuming everyone is close enough together. Mass Hold Person — Coup de Grace for the whole family!

Dominate Monster — Finally everything you ever wanted. However, most beguilers will go into befuiler prestige class before Cloaked Casting becomes anything worthwhile. A beguiler casts arcane spells, which are drawn from the beguiler spell list on page Unfortunately, the nature of spontaneous casting means that using a silent spell takes extra time on top of the extra slot. Detect Secret Doors — If you are doing a lot of dungeon crawling, this spell can be amazing.


Index of Spells by Class – Beguiler

Indicates direction to familiar creature. The effect is pretty weak for a 3rd level spell though. Starting at 2nd level, when you successfully use the Bluff skill to feint in combat, your target is denied its Dexterity bonus if it has one to AC for the next melee attack you make against it or the next spell you cast.

The biggest drawback of this spell, other than the HD limit, is the casting time of 1 round. Blinding Color Surge — A very strange spell. That said, if you use it on an animal or a magical beast, you have a pretty damn good chance of success and you get to bring it with you. If you are the only target in melee range, it essentially dazes the target.

Like other spellcasters, a beguiler can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. Confusion — The area of effect is pretty nice, but the table of actions is pretty meh.

You may want it high for Arcane Disciple, a feat that can expand your spell list, behuiler other than that it needs little to no advancement. Phantom Battle — Really not worth it.

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