Hailing from a working-class section of Los Angeles, the eldest daughter of divorced parents, Carlisle struggled early on with shame over her. The women of the iconic eighties band the Go-Go’s will always be remembered as they appeared on the back of their debut record: sunny, smiling, each. “Lips Unsealed”: A review of Belinda Carlisle’s memoir “Lips Unsealed” in the June 3 Calendar section said that guitarist Jane Wiedlin left the.

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In the group disbanded and Carlisle started a successful solo career. In she snorted her last snort after envisioning herself OD’d in a hotel room — death by hotel room being popular in the crowd she ran with. But I was ultimately disappointed, because I felt like she glossed over a large part of the Go-Gos’ career.

Belinda Carlisle Finds the Life She Wanted

I read it in less than 24 hours. But the extent of her addictions and the fact that she was able to survive them is actually quite impressive.

She wasn’t a lyricist. Trump’s wall pledge may not get expected results. I am, and always have been, a big Go Go’s fan.

Lips Unsealed

Jul 29, Dachokie rated it really liked it Shelves: I chanted some words and called on the invisible powers of the universe to give my life the excitement I felt it lacked and everything else I wanted. I mean some of the stuff he was kind of like “Wow!

Some of them were real and some of them were just ridiculous. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I asked my mother for an explanation and she finally gave me one. You listened to a record cut by cut, hoping every song was great but generally discovering that some songs were better than others, some were great, and some were so bad they should have been left in the studio. Her instinct for the odd detail that only she knows — like the Lip sandwiches — starts to trail off.


He was at our house for dinner and often still there in the morning. One night, sitting on a curb, they decided to start the band that would eventually become the internationally beloved Go-Gos.

Even as she sang carefree, upbeat pop classics as the lead singer of the Go-Go’s, Carlisle wrestled with shyness, a dark past of abuse and carlksle spiral into serious drug addiction.

Most people would’ve quit, but I didn’t care. Being the primary reason for her fame, I was hoping Carlisle would divulge a little more detail on the band’s beginnings. If you have an older Salon account, please enter your username and password below: A junk book I picked up at the library on a whim. Lips Unsealed is ultimately a love letter to music and the story of a life that, bwlinda deeply flawed, was, and is still, fully lived.

In she rejoined the Go-Go’s and since then she has been touring regularly either with them or alone. This book is a big one. She glossed over the Go-Go’s in my opinion and the fact that they were a pretty big part of the 80’s girl groups, that unlike the Monkees, played their own instruments, did their own videos, and wrote their own songs.

Book Review: ‘Lips Unsealed’ by Belinda Carlisle – latimes

Both came from modest families, but Benatar’s was stable and Carlyle’s was not. They married right after she graduated and on August 17,less than nine months after she accepted her diploma, she gave birth to a baby girl, whom she named Belinda. One month after the single “Our Lips Are Sealed” came out inMTV was launched and songs from the double-platinum “Beauty and the Beat” were soon in constant video rotation.


It was confusing and chaotic. I appreciated the parts about growing carlksle in the s Los Angeles punk scene, living in gross uhsealed houses and crashing on co This book is actually not great but I enjoyed it.

Definitely worth reading for the early West Hollywood punk-scene stories, but the lipe chapters do drag a bit.

And unseled not shy about addressing the issue before anyone else does. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

View all 3 comments. She wasn’t dropped from her label after “Live Your Life Be Free” because of a public altercation with the then label president.

Belinda Carlisle’s New Book ‘Lips Unsealed’ – ABC News

It’s cool that she is sober and healthy, but she just seems a bit vapid. But when I was growing up, and early in my career with the Go-Go’s, artists tried to put together a collection of songs that made sense as a whole. Comedian releases novel inspired by his Irish roots. Snap out of it!! Sleeping on beaches, drinking strawberry wine, reading good books and attending all sorts of concerts and theatre productions often just sneaking in. She fought with my father when he called from the road, but she sounded defensive and usually hung up feeling scared.

I probably inherited that from my mom. Detroit rated it it was ok. Read it Forward Read it first. Return to Book Page.