When The Prophet married her, both daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet. Hazrat Fatima (sa) was born five years before Bethat. All Can anyone tell me ke MOJZA BIBI FATIMA ka haqeeqat se koi taluq hai ke nahi ek risala type ka hai aur mai ne dekha hai aurton ko ke.

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The cemetery of Baqii was destroyed by the Wahabis in She told her to make a vow that if her son was recovered safe and sound from nibi blacksmith’s furnace that she would listen to the event of Janab e Sayeeda. The prophet replied that you have what you have according to the will of Allah.

Bibi Fatima Ki Kahani – Emotional – video dailymotion

Then the news spread that the son of the widow had fallen in the furnace of the blacksmith and had burned and died. After the widow returned back to her town, she saw that all the people who had thought the story was rubbish or had denied the request of the widow to fatimw to it were afflicted by various maladies and their homes were on fire.

If in the meantime the children come home give them food before telling them about the death of their mother. My father and I have done our best to provide the kahani in English for those who can’t read urdu. The goldsmith’s wife in her joy went to the market to buy 2 dinar’s worth of sweets and told her neighbors that her wish came true. Itney mey itnee zor ki aandhi chalee kay sub log urrgai. Issi wajhaa se ye azaab nazil hoaa hai. Verse 33 was revealed on the Holy Prophet and its narration by Fatima has become so famous that it is read in every Muslim house as Hadith-e-Kisa.


All was a wilderness of ruined building material and tombstones, not ruined by a casual hand, but raked away from their places and ground small. Wahan per sub kuch mojood that. Can i recite it alone? Both entered the prayer room and stayed with her for a while. He stayed in Makka for another 3 days to give back the deposits to the Makkans who entrusted these to the Prophet for safe keeping. Posted April 3, Sign In Sign Up. Hassan as was born in the 3rd year of Hijra, Husayn as was born in the 4th year of Hijra, Zainab was born in the 6th year of Hijra, Umme Kulthoom was born in the 7th year of Hijra.

Apney darwazey tuk na phoncheen thi key hooraan-e-jannat asmaan say nazil houeen aur Janab Saiyada A. Janab e Sayyida Ki kahani.

Bibi Fatima Ki Kahani – Emotional

For this reason he came to the Prophet of God S. This is Jannatul Baqii where the most beloved daughter of the Holy Prophet together with her children and grandchildren lie in wilderness without even a tomb stone over them. Kahanni ka phaila hisa khatum hoaa. The entire family was blanketed with clouds of sorrowful gas a result of the almost daily humiliation and mockery to which her most revered father was subjected. Aur iss terha dulhan musulmaan hogai.

Ek seepahee ko wapis rawana kiya kay lotta lay aaey. Once the minister had gathered the gear, the king and his entourage left to go to the forest. This gesture was also to show the companions respect for women generally which was lacking in the Arabian society of the day. As they could not find it, the king sent a guard to go back to the girl’s kingdom and bring the vessel back.

Is tarah shaam ho gai. Us ney apney wazir say kahaa kay saamaan-e-sheekar taiyaar karo. This ’10 bibiyon kee kahaani’ is quite famous among Shia circles in Pakistan. Unfortunately this was not done as the Holy Prophet intended his companions to do. The guard then returned to the king and told him of the event. Larkiyun ney kaha ke qaid-khaney maen humarey pass fatim kahan hein. These acts of the Prophet were to show the bibo that this house and its occupants have a special place in the way of Allah and that this status should be maintained after the death of the Prophet.


Bibi Fatima as Ki Kahani. Iske baad aap nain dau rakaat namaaz purhkar dua farmaee aur kaha kay aey merey Mabood mein bint-e-Rasool A. Magar larkiyon ka koee putta na challaa. Marriage was solemnized by the Bobi himself and bii marriage the couple went to live in a separate house next to the House of the Prophet around the Mosque.

Mohza hunting party was tired from the long march and decided to rest and eat lunch. Posted June 28, This king ordered his minister to search for water, and the minister in his search for water happened upon a hill where the two girls were, and was astonished to see them. W ki khidmat me fatia aur kaheney laga ke mere larrki ki shaadi hai. Itney mey wazir paani ki talaash may gia aur donno larkiyoon ko daikh ker bahut hairaan hoowa. Aap mojhay Mazhab-e-Islam key taaleem furmaaen.

Mozamma ney doosra hisa shooroo kia. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

The girls upon hearing this were shocked and cried a lot, and eventually fell unconscious from the shock and worry. It was like the broken remains of a town which had been demolished by an fxtima quake.