This fourth edition of Biosafety in Microbiological and. Biomedical Laboratories editions of the BMBL, whose guidelines are now accepted as the international. This is not to say that the new BMBL will not require interpretations. This was clarified in the 4th edition by “Filtration and other treatments of. medical Laboratories (BMBL) (HHS et al., ) was pub- lished. Does our facility have to comply with the require- ments of this new edition? • The 4th edition of.

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Wilson asked the workshop participants to comment on the signage and posting in BSL-1 labs. Ksiazek said he thinks we are edihion dangerously close to losing our edirion to ship some stuff and we need to do something about it—what can be done?

She said the agent summary statements are a perfect example—is there a need to model them after the Canadian MSDS, and is there a benefit in replicating those documents that already exist?

Add a chapter on waste management.

He said a statement about training and encouraging it would be very helpful and working with ANSI would help address these comments.

The agent summary statements should only provide known facts about an agent, not unknown information. Wilson said she does not recall a requirement for treating BSL-2 waste before it leaves the animal room or the lab, this is exition required for BSL Hunt said an online workshop participant commented that Appendix H is useful because it provides information that justifies how to work with these materials; she 4ht that another online workshop participant wanted to see editiom emphasis on risk assessments in Appendix H.

Ksiazek said there was a request to move the listing of all the arboviruses to an appendix. Consider rearrangement of chapters. Hunt said four online workshop participants commented that the BMBL should remain performance based ; she also shared the following comments from the online workshop participants:.

Robin Schoen National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine asked if a bit more information could be provided about the revision process—to answer such questions as: In some production and diagnostic labs it is almost a requirement that two people work in a biosafety cabinet, he added. Wilson added that for each section of the BMBL there will be a lead a federal employee as well as subject matter experts, who will be recruited from all over the country and the world not federal employees.

Page 8 Share Cite. He noted that some experiments have been done in the 60s and 70s and very wdition has been published recently.

There is no requirement but when it is needed, engineers take the minimal approach rather than having a differential that accomplishes the purpose. Accessed June 14, Hunt said two comments from the online workshop participants were in support of the MSDS format for the summary statements ; she said one commenter also prefers the MSDS style and wanted decontamination methods to be included, especially for agents that are resistant to disinfection.


The BMBL is not necessarily the appropriate place for this, but this could be mentioned in the select agent section, he added. Yeakle reminded participants that engineering controls in the lab editin intended to prevent an agent from contaminating the lab while moving animals; to avoid creating a hazard for the lab employees the lab needs to be decontaminated if the animal is not in some kind of a primary containment device.

Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) 5th Edition – CDC

Based on feedback from you, our users, we’ve made some improvements that make it easier than ever to read thousands of publications on our website. Ellis said the BMBL is currently geared more towards providing guidance to PIs 12 and lab directors on how to safely conduct research but biosafety professionals should also be involved in making decisions on procedures. He suggested providing an overview and then making references to these websites. Salerno requested that the editors consider adopting a management systems approach to safety.

Yeakle said she thinks there is value in having both an online version and a hardcopy. Ellis said he believes that because changes in regulations happen every year it would be better to refer to the IATA and DOT websites at the very beginning of this section and make it clear that BMBL users should access those websites to get the most up-to-date information. It would be helpful if the BMBL stated that a best practice of biosafety is for the institution to put in place policies for everyone to follow when working with biological material.

There should be a section on the importance of developing a strong safety culture. There needs to be a mechanism for relaying changes to BMBL users in a timely manner, he said.

Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) 5th Edition

Before closing the discussion of Section IV comments, Hunt mentioned the following comments from the online workshop participants: Make the section more user-friendly by listing the material to be imported or transported and the regulations that apply to it rather than listing the regulation and the types of shipment they would apply to.

Ellis said most BMBL users are now accustomed to how the chapters eedition arranged; if they are rearranged then users have to get used to a different arrangement.

Looking for other ways to eidtion this? Ellis said there will be a standalone agricultural BMBL document in the future as mentioned by Joe Kozlovac earlier ; Appendix D will stay as it is, with updates, until the standalone document is released.

Meechan asked Welch to clarify if he is suggesting that the level of certification required be tiered edittion based on risk.

Hunt shared the following comments from the online workshop participants: Bohn commented that the current working environment has changed drastically from the time when some of the LAI data were collected; many of the reported Vmbl happened before biosafety containment became common practice. Lawrence said that, as part of the implementation plan of the Federal Experts Security Panel, they are working on addressing the culture of responsibility as well as the issue of incident reporting by developing a nonpunitive voluntary incident reporting system.


He added that NIH guidelines address recombinant or synthetic nucleic acids to a certain extent but some of the actual safety mechanisms that can be built into the local lab area should also be discussed. Adding a editjon bit more risk assessment information on toxins.

Looking for other ways to read this?

Ready to take your reading offline? She explained that it was meant to provide performance-based guidance to biomedical and life sciences laboratories and clinical laboratories, although there have been other guidance documents for clinical labs.

Hunt said editors of agent 4yh could be encouraged to include updates on LAIs that have been reported in literature. Ksiazek pointed out that there are continuous cell lines in the ATCC 34 catalog that are at risk level 1, not 2; if the risk level carries over to the biosafety level and there is no contamination then these cell lines could be worked on at level 1.

He added that they will make sure that the scope of the Editon stays as wide as possible.

He requested clarifying this concept better. He said there edjtion be a way to hire people to do experiments that address issues that lab workers have to deal with. Sign up for email notifications and we’ll let you know about new publications in your areas of interest when they’re released. He noted that most of the other comments posted on the virtual town hall are for the subject matter experts, he said the group that will review this section should take a look at Francisella tularensis.

Ellis said a discussion of these fairly new topics perhaps in the introduction part seems. He noted that there is one really long and valuable comment that he thinks should esition looked at by the editors; he suggested that the editors work with the person who submitted this comment to ensure accuracy throughout this appendix.

This decision depends on the institution and what its historical perspective has been.

Wilson said the federal policy on DURC is very narrow right now, so they will take a narrow view. The other comment was about having a written security plan. Ellis said there have been failures and questions about inactivation so perhaps a format for developing inactivation procedures and validation methods for these procedures would fdition a good addition.

Citing the incident where a nurse was infected with Ebola as an example the hospital PPE 8 was not adaptedshe asked if there could be something added in the risk assessment section that gives BMBL users a better idea about increasing or decreasing BSL to address certain risks.