At the dawn of the Impergium, the Bone Gnawers were not a tribe, but a caste: the omega wolves, shamed, weak, castaways. The greatest in station gained the. A list of all Bone Gnawers tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Bone. Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers are the two tribes that dare call the scab like cities their homes. However unlike the Glass Walkers, the Bone.

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She eventually found a shed, filled with desecrated human corpses.

Bone Gnawer

This could mean that they be banned from any moots. It is really gnawfrs to intercept a message that you can’t translate. Getting through the route requires a Willpower roll. Most other tribes regard them as little more than pathetic scavengers hiding in the cities of men.

Rite of Man Taint is a contested roll to find out whether a werewolf ate a human. He might empty an Bnawers account, or lend the Gnawer is car. Face in the Crowd allows a Gnawer to direct an already extant angry mob. Wanderlust-spirits teach this Gift. JavaScript is currently disabled. Anybody with the requisite renown can claim to be an elder, but they need to make that claim before a Bone Gnawer audience and have a majority accept their claim.


The objects appear next to the Garou, and are unharmed. Three successes gives a rush of images described rapid-fire by the Storyteller ; you may ask questions about any one of them and receive more specific details with all five senses. They are biding their time, stockpiling food, ammo, explosives and other things for the final days.

Members of the rabble have it rough, especially those who are truly anti-social. Pick a person within about a city block you can see.

They keep their ears low to the ground, so they can get all kinds of juicy information from a variety of street level sources. Gnawrrs, we get an explanation of totemic aspects.

Bone Gnawers | Caerleon oWoD Chronicle Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This is where gnawere problems with the Gifts in this book start becoming apparent. In their native tribes, those cubs would be forced to eat last, gnawfrs gnaw on the bones gnawdrs the carcass. Any enemies listening should make willpower rolls when this power is activated. Totem of War to many other tribes, Rats are small weak creatures. A list of all Bone Gnawers tribe Gifts for Werewolf: The Gnawer combat style is built around guerilla warfare and sneak attacks. Cornered Rat Rank 2 Bone Gnawers Gift When backed into a corner with nowhere to run, there are only two options — beg for mercy or turn and fight.


A gift of Stuff is a honored gift indeed, at least to a Bone Gnawer.

Create account or Sign in. Street prophets need to prove their ability before earning the respect of the tribe, as well as their ability to take care of themselves.

Afterwards, he subtracts one from his dice pools for the rest of the scene for every two successes rolled. Just as cannily as they scavenge food and tools from dumpsters and refuse, they nearth secrets on the street. Walkers posted by pospysyl Original SA post. Despite this welcoming attitude, the tribe still maintains a few secrets and traditions away from outsiders. Pro-exile is Zachary Ellison, a Shadow Lord. Guise of the Hound Rank 2 Bone Gnawers Gift The Bone Gnawer masks herself so that she blends into the urban landscape, disguising her Lupus form so that it appears as a large dog rather than a wolf.

Certain Gifts can prevent a Veil break.