Description. Breminale – Das Kulturfestival am Weserufer. Ein kleiner Programmführer zur Breminale. Markiere Events als persönliche Favoriten um somit eine. Das abwechslungsreiche Programm der Breminale umfasst Live-Musik in Zirkuszelten, Breminale was not featured in iOS in United States on Oct 25, Der Schwerpunkt im Programm der Breminale ist im Jahr als Headliner der Breminale die Sänger.

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One visitor died after an outsider fired an illumination flare into the crowd. Water from above and from below, a lot of rain in all shapes and colours and the flooding Weser were often part of the festival.

The Program of Breminale 2018

Everyone in and around Bremen now knows what a storm is or rather what it isn’t. We, the team from Sternkultur, will keep the Breminale spirit alive while planning the next big success for Especially on Friday and Sunday night the new security concept proved its worth.

Just one day later the energy supplier sbw offered balancing the remaining amounts to zero. Featured Feature placements are determined by the app stores and help users to discover new and popular apps.

The visitors fully accepted and appreciated the offer and the gastronomic quality has improved a lot. Lifely and more quiet tunes were played on the stages. The Breminale Team was very satisfied with this result. High temperatures, hot summer days, rushing rain, cold nights, the Weser flooding the green field, crowded tents because of outstanding concerts and at times an overcrowded festival ground.

Moreover, there was a fanciful and imaginative program for kids. With its topics of urban development, sustainability, boat trips and an auction of souvenirs it was a real part of the festival.

More and more international guests Moreover, there was the new tent “Hofnarr” on the festival ground. One had the opportunity to donate a little amount of money for placing special emphasis on the program and the festival athmosphere for After the Festival did not take place inin vreminale was even more a great success.


They offered new spaces for performances, parties, alternative TV-shows and powerpoint-karaoke. Together with Susanne von Essen he is the artistic director since After a lot of sunshine but also rainy weather in the pdogramm 19 years, the Organisers of the festival focussed on the topic “Water”.

To this day the swb is one of the main sponsors. So still in there was no change.

Breminale App Ranking and Store Data | App Annie

The visitors were excited about the musical highlights “Arabanda” from Belgium and “The Mighty Three” at the night of concerts presented by “Nordwestradio” and “Hurlak” from France presented by “Sparkasse in concert”. Home Intelligence Connect Free vs.

22013 The year was a year of extremes. This weeks data is available for free after registration. One part of the program was the “Naturathlon”, germanies biggest nature sports contest. The biggest Open-Air Festival around Bremen, with ten big and small stages, was simply satisfying. The organisers are already looking forward to hosting the Breminalewhich will be taking place from 15th until 19th of July, – despite any wind and weather. From the 1st until the 5th of July thousands of visitors enjoyed the music, literature, the shows and talks on the stages and open-air-attractions.

But in it could’t take place because there was less money from the funding of the city. The foundations for even more 20113 bunfights at the Weser bank, usually on Whitsun, were formed. In the “hanseWasser”-tent international reggae artists like “The Tiptons” and “Zerphrylogie” won the crowd over with their great shows.

Knowing when and where an app is being Featured can explain a 2103 boost in popularity and downloads. Arctic temperatures, wind, heavy rain and high tide descended on the Osterdeich. This year’s Breminale family also included the ship MS Treue as well as the DreiMeterbretter, Wohnzimmer, an organic food village the socalled “BioErleben-Dorf” and the “Himmlische Wiese” which is an extension of the festival area that has been introduced in The green fields of Osterdeich turned into a cultural playing ground again.


You could even see lots of swelling crowds gathering in front of the tents. A new cooperation partner made a huge line-up change possible: There was also a fire show with juggeling from Flambal Olek, dance-theatre, fire spitting and british slapstick a la Mr Bean from the cabarett Mr. Records at Breminale The Every Euro makes the festival pprogramm the Weser saver and when donated from the adience has a significent program.

Festival fever

With a bicycle-festival rpogramm Co. The main prize of the tombola was an electric scooter. The fence wasn’t set up all around the festival ground but run through the heart of the location. Our philosophy is to provide space for music and culture that is open to everyone.

Castles were built in the sky. When sitting on the meadow with good food and good company discussions on the sustainable future of the city of Bremen come up. Besides the well-known musical program, there were new venues: The quality of the visitors stay has been significantly improved.

Prgramm and the Black Light Orchestra.

The people who were not into this had to run up and down the Dike. The art direction, Susanne von Essen and Carsten Werner suceeded in expanding the musical range of the program.