The Revenge of the Baby-Sat has ratings and reviews. Dawn said: I think it’s safe to say that I will read every Calvin and Hobbes book that ha. Documents Similar To Calvin and Hobbes – Revenge of the Baby-Sat. Calvin and Hobbes Collection. Uploaded by. Ružica Vozab. The Complete Calvin and. In this collection of Calvin and Hobbes’ cartoon adventures, there are some Spaceman Spiff stories, some snowmen stories, and ones about Calvin’s on- going.

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Babyaat can really tell the authors theme in this book also it’s has to be to entertain us Mar 10, Meagan rated it it was amazing. Calvin and Hobbes were a bedrock of my childhood. A hot chocolate on a cold night, some leisure revengd laying on the grass on a sunny day, a cold beer with a friend and a Bill Watterson’s book.

Jun 03, Yair Ben-Zvi rated it it was amazing. Calvin and Reveneg 1 – 10 of 11 books. Freakin’ Awesome as always. Love the authors creativity, the little wisdoms and just the plain fun these comic strips have.

Jul 18, Kirsten Simkiss rated it it was amazing Shelves: Why pick up bed why not make a bot to do such daily petty jobs. Jun 20, Bob Schmitz rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s definitely a series I would recommend to others.

His drawings really set the happy and joyful mood. Refresh and try again. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


The Revenge of the Baby-Sat

hobhes You can just read them again and again. The Political Cartoon Quarterly”. We start off with the crazy life of Calvin an stubborn 6 year old boy that has a really really big imagination and determined attitude.

Here we have the up and downs of winter, vengeance against Rosalyn the babysitter, a propeller beanie, unstoppable hiccups, another boring week of camping, a nad incident with Calvin’s parents’ car, and a chilling break-in of the family’s house. Feb 08, Exina rated it it was amazing. But lets get to the really good stuff. We start off with the crazy life of Calvin an stubborn calvi year old boy that has a really really big imagination a First off I really loved this book.

If you have never dipped your toe into the world of Calvin and Hobbes, you are missing I was crushed when Watterson decided to discontinue the Calvin and Hobbes series of comic strips for adults, so I bought all the trade paperbacks.

Aug 21, Missy rated it really liked it. So you know it’s gonna be a very adventuress type book.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Watterson tries his hand at a couple of more “serious” storylines, namely the “Propeller Beanie” tale and the sequence in which Calvin’s home gets burgled.

I didn’t expect such realism from him.

First off I really loved this book. I think he handled both tales well, melding realistic events with Calvin’s weird take on reality.

The Revenge of the Baby-Sat by Bill Watterson | Scholastic

People around Calvin always intercepting him always creating hurdle and he face them in his own challenging way. If you have never dipped your toe into the world of Calvin and Hobbes, you are missing quite a treat. The main idea of this wacky book is probably humor at it’s finest. Feels like a throw back.


With keen insight, Bill Watterson oof life through the eyes of a child, and the limits of our imaginations are challenged as we accompany Calvin and Hobbes while they stir up trouble, travel through time, transmogrify themselves–and just have fun in everything they do.

Nov 05, PurplyCookie rated it babyst liked it Shelves: When I became a father I bought these for my son and he has a pile of Calvin and Hobbes books that are splashed all over his bed. Lets you mind drift off into pleasant chuckling sleep.

Other books in the series. Quotes from The Revenge of th And, of course, there’s the usual Calvinity afoot, including the origin of G. I ran into one the other day while dusting some book shelves not my favorite activity.

Maybe bbysat is over-analysis and -attribution, but in retrospect I do see some roots of my ability to accept the belief that I was different in Hobbes’ musings.