Regulations revised during Publications Reengineering are available on the Regulations for Preview page for 30 days prior to their effective date. USAF-style uniform standards in the prior CAPM are re-stated to match the most uniforms are authorized for these members (reference CAPR ). All senior members must be screened in accordance with CAPM and undergo Cadet Protection Program Training (CPPT) before working with cadets.

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Supervising the activities of the logistics officer, operations officer, and senior program officer to coordinate functions required in the efficient operation of the unit. Assists the cadet commander and deputy commander in administering cadet squadron activities. Direction of cadet participation in squadron operations. Wreaths Across America – December 14, Proper wear of the CAP uniform.

Make recommendations to the commander for the improvement of the maintenance 339-2. Evaluation of cadet program meetings. Ensure safety of personnel and equipment through compliance with directives and policy guidance; ensure an effective safety awareness, education, and inspection program vapm the unit.

Coordination with other cadet staff sections. Coordinate member training accomplishments with other members of the staff. Identify members for non-renewal where continued membership is adverse to the best interests of CAP in accordance with provisions of CAPM Develop detailed operating procedures for communications operations and guidance to subordinate units and personnel.

Maintain records to determine the status of resources personnel, vehicles aircraft, radios and other emergency equipment available for ES missions. Leadership techniques and activities. Customs and courtesies of the service.


Directing the development of plans and procedures to ensure accomplishments of senior member program objectives. Coordinate licensing or frequency authorizations for all radio operations.

This program includes, but is not limited to: Select personnel to fill authorized staff positions and remove from staff position those members deemed unqualified or otherwise unsuitable to continue in their positions. Ensure that aircraft are maintained in an airworthy condition in accordance with FAA requirements.

Develop and maintain a rapid alerting system cpam assembling necessary resources in a timely manner. Responsible for all matters pertaining to surface and air transportation. The logistics officer should be familiar with the CAP directives in the series indicated below: Make presentations to outside groups, both youth and adult, to attract new members and to spread the word about CAP.

Personally contact individuals expressing an interest in CAP by telephone, written 392, etc. Plan conferences and meetings pertaining to special affairs. Membership records and applications.

Forms & Publications – CAWG Cadet Programs

Promote CAP aerospace education courses caapm instructional materials in local schools. Corporate records and organizations. Initiate requests for promotion of squadron members. Organizational actions charters, deactivations, etc. Developing policies and procedures that relate to historical activities.

Recruiting and Retention

Responsible for maintenance, painting, and marking vehicles. Develop agreements with agencies responsible for search, domestic emergencies, and civil defense. Direction and supervision of cadet staff. Donate an Item from Wish List. Coordinate communications conferences, meetings, and 93-2. Be responsible for real property management in accordance with CAPR Ensure compliance with CAP directives. Continually evaluate aircrew training procedures and techniques.


Formulates plans and establishes policies, procedures, and programs, designed to assist CAP in attracting new members and retaining current members.

Develop moral leadership seminars for cadets. Make presentations to outside groups, both youth and adult, to attract new members. Related duties as required. This program does not have to be a big fancy capn and have a lot of paper involved. Color Guard-Battle of the Bands.

Cadet joining the National Guard : Civil Air Patrol

Issuing bibliographies, catalogs, indices, and abstracts containing information relative to publications relating to CAP history. Plan and conduct periodic membership drives to attract new members and to stimulate interest in current inactive members. Perform MLO duties under the direction of a chaplain when one is assigned to their unit.

Develop cqpm operations policies and procedures to ensure mission accomplishment and to provide adequate guidance to subordinate personnel and units. Coordinate with senior staff. Ensure that new personnel are properly introduced to CAP and make frequent checks on their progress. Place posters and other recruiting materials in strategic locations advertising local meeting times and places. Recommend to the commander the allocation or reallocation of property within the unit.

Conduct safety studies and recommend corrective action. Complete training requirements for moral leadership officers.