The CARESCAPE Patient Monitor B combines the features and functionality you need to provide exceptional care. Fast access to accurate clinical data. Oxygen Care supply the CareScape B Modular Monitor used for patient monitoring in various care areas in hospital environments. The CARESCAPEā„¢ Monitor B can help you manage your patient flow by getting you the right clinical information, when and where you need it. Its intuitive .

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It is adaptable for use in a multitude of care areas and very portable as an intra-hospital transport monitor. Its intuitive design allows for easy training for all staff experience levels, and upgradeability protects your long-term system investments. Get in-person, carescwpe or off-site service to keep your system running efficiently while lowering maintenance costs.

Multi Parameter Patient Monitor.

Quickly change alarm settings based on patient type through alarm management tools. Call Send a quick message. Critical patient information is available through a single interface, so you can make more informed decisions for your patients more rapidly, and transform the way carecsape hospital manages patient information and provides care.

CARESCAPE Monitor B650

Configurable inch display with pivotal frame gives you full access to the patient and enhanced cable management. Better data helps enable better outcomes.


Various parameters of AoA concept can help monnitor assess the adequacy of anesthesia in the OR. Choose your SpO2 technology for pre and post-ductal pulse oximetry: In cardiac care immediate intervention is a key to a successful outcome.

Intensive Care Unit In the intensive care unit, efficiency is paramount. Compact, flexible, intuitive design increases your workflow efficiency. It is also upgradable to use in different care areas or for ad hoc requirements of a specific patient case, thereby ensuring your investment is adaptable and future-proofed.

GE Healthcare Carescape Monitor B, Usage: Hospitals | ID:

Supporting Documentation Further product information is available here. Provides a less invasive continuous cardiac output CCO measurement based on pulse contour calculation, transpulmonary thermodilution cardiac output C. Configurability, a user-friendly interface, outstanding parameters and seamless integration all ensure that you can focus on the patient instead of the technology. Integrates the thermodilution cardiac output C.

Annual Turnover More than Rs. Read More Read Less. Capable of hour data storage momitor 36 arrhythmia events, 10 ST segments, 20 cardiac calculations and 10 pulmonary calculations. ApexPro TM CH telemetry offers a highly flexible and advanced telemetry system to meet the current and future telemetry needs of growing hospitals.

In the ICU, efficiency is paramount. Omnitor measurement can also be obtained with a separate license. High-definition visualization of real-time and historic patient data, for beat-to-beat and breath-to-breath trending.


An advanced, integrated Carestation TM featuring a sleek inch touchscreen display and intuitive user-interface that can help take the work out of your workflow. One source for data. Its exceptional clinical measurements can be customized to match your treatment protocols for arrhythmia, stroke or other conditions, providing specific information so that patient therapy can be initiated immediately, which could prevent further damage to the heart.


Medical Monitoring Equipment in Bengaluru. Depending on the module type, host device software version and the clinical application, the modules provide measurements of airway gases, anesthetic agents with identification and Patient Spirometry. Advanced airway modules from standard airway gas monitoring and automatic AA identification to advanced Patient Spirometry and direct gas exchange measurements.

The monitor is easy to scale and configure to your clinical application, with a pivoting modular frame designed to fit into a confined clinical environment. Medical Monitor in Bengaluru. Auto View on Alarm AVOA automatically shares high priority alarms for viewing and silencing the alarms within one care unit and even from another care unit.

Innovative gas monitoring, including Patient Spirometry, to optimize ventilation and detect airway-related complications. Registered under Indian Companies Act Get best deals for coconut.