View and Download Casio Exilim EX-V8 user manual online. Exilim EX-V8 Digital Camera pdf manual download. only • Read online or download PDF • Casio EXILIM EX S User Manual. EXV8. Megapixel Compact Digital Camera. EXS Megapixel Ultra. The Casio Exilim EX-V8 is Casio’s second ultra-compact, ultra-zoom In macro and manual modes, you can focus on subjects as close as

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When this happens, you can use flash assist to supplement the brightness Page 61 Playing Back a Movie with Eex-v8 Shake Use the following procedure when you want to play back a The slideshow feature lets you play the files stored in memory movie with Anti Shake.

Page Example Histograms A histogram towards the left side manua, when the overall image is dark. Specifying the Recording Mode Page 41 Under the lighting conditions you plan to use Configuring the White Balance Setting Manually when shooting, point the camera at a blank white piece of paper so it fills the entire Undercomplexlightingconditions,the presetwhite balance settingsmay not be able to producenaturallookingcolors.

The EX-V8 is pretty responsive in the focusing department. Combining Multiple Snapshots into a Single Image Layout Print You can use the following procedure to insert snapshots into the frames of a layout and produce a new image that contains multiple snapshots.

Page 28 If you are using battery power, remove the battery from the camera. The camera will adjust its settings so the framed faces are of proper brightness.

You choose the shutter speed and the camera picks the correct aperture. Display the screen whose screen capture you want to transfer. The Layout Print feature also found in the Best Shot menu to combine two or three photos into a collage. Unusually, exiim Casio V8 also offers a selection of “Best Shot” modes for movies as well.


This last feature lets you enlarge a photo by as much as eight times, after which you can scroll around in the zoomed-in area. Shutter lag is blazingly fast for a point-and-shoot digital camera, although tester Rob noted that shutter lag didn’t seem to improve in manual focus mode, with shutter lag figures using manual focus being roughly similar to the wide-angle autofocus shutter lag. The V8’s basic manual, with three languages per paragraph. When the image is focused, press the shutter Using Macro Focus button the rest of the way to shoot.

The zoom slider is easy to find without taking your attention off the LCD display, and is pretty responsive. The camera will detect the After you record and edit face data, manua, can use it to shoot faces of the people whose photographs.

Playing Back a Movie with Anti Shake Cassio the following procedure when you want to play back a The slideshow feature lets you play the files stored in memory movie with Anti Shake. If you’re viewing a movie, you can turn on digital image stabilization, and trim unwanted footage from your clip.

EX-V8 Manual

For this type of Do this: Your camera provides you with 7X maunal zoom which changes the lens focal distancewhich can be used janual combination with digital zoom which digitally process the center portion of the image to enlarge it for total zoom capabilities Using the camera’s low contrast setting helps alleviate this issue, with the camera retaining more shadow detail albeit somewhat noisilyand a touch more highlight detail is retained as well. If you used the “Auto” or snapshots.

Page 85 Half-press the shutter button. The custom white balance feature lets you use a white or gray card to get accurate lighting in unusual lighting conditions.

Movies you shoot with your camera can be played back on a computer using QuickTime 1. I do question Casio’s decision on names and icons for a couple of the modes on the control dial, though.


If you are using battery power, remove the battery from the camera, taking care to protect yourself against burn injury. Unpacking As you unpack your camera, check to make sure that all items shown below are included. Dimensions W x H x D, excluding protrusions. This will turn off the camera. There are usually some compromises that come with this lens design, and I’ll get to most of those later.

Casio EX-V8 Review

The camera will focus the image in accordance with your setting. Page 38 After the EV value is 3. Finally, the lamp serves as a visual countdown for the self-timer. After the EV value is 3. Whether this is a good or bad thing is up to you: Pressing the shutter button all the way without pausing at the halfway type will record with Quick Shutter, without performing the normal Auto Focus operation.

CASIO Exilim EX-V8 User Manual

Display Messages page Use [ ] and [ ] to exikim the city you want and then press [SET]. Movie image quality is a standard that determines the detail, smoothness, and clarity of a movie during playback.

Use metered for exposure. Shooting a Snapshot Slide open the lens cover to turn on the camera.

A lot of the compact, big zoom mqnual I’ve tested have some serious compromises that come along with them. The Casio V8’s 38mm equivalent isn’t quite wide enough.

The original snapshot is also retained. Digital zoom shots lose significant detail and resolution, appearing soft and sometimes rather pixelated.