ALCAD – 4. 1 or 2 point installations. For single-family installation – 1 point – or two-family installation – 2 points – you may draw up your budget with our kits. At ALCAD, we capture, process and bring life signals to the digital world to improve the health, safety and entertainment of people, by designing, manufacturing. CATALOGO ALCAD 08 ENG IGA :INGLES 10/12/08 Página 1. PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of.

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Thefilters can be of a monochannel, multichannel or broadband type.

ALCAD ELECTRONICS | Multimedia, Door Entry Systems, Healthcare – ALCAD

A multiple pack will be supplied for each ordered unit. TheFM antenna, together catalgoo an amplifier, allows radio signals to beadded to the TV installation, considerably improving their recep-tion with regard to telescopic antennas.

Applications Digital SMATV installations where it is necessary to distribute digi- tal channels which have been converted to analogue channels.

CharacteristicsRobust antenna with great resistance to both sun and saltpetre. With two SP support frames, it is possible to mount up to 36 modules. Applications DA Used as a distribution amplifier in large community installations or cable networks.

Alcad Catalogue – TOPMODE

Zamak chassis with metal sideplates. Accessories See page aalcad Robust antenna with great resistance to both sunand saltpetre. Remember me Forgot password? The modules should be connected with the multiplexing and diplexing bridges as shown in the drawing. This band is free of the habitual interference of the other bands.


The guy wires are fixed to the tower by means of wire cahalogo grips so that the tower is held perfectly vertical. Filtersremain highly stable in spite of variations in temperature.

The loads are used to close the unused outputs, avoiding the formation of standing waves which affect the levels of the alfad. All the functions are programmable through a programmer. The channels with higher frequencies attenuate more.

The electrical characteristics are the same as those of the BS model see page Packing dimensions x x 27 mm Required for mounting the different modules of the equipment. Up to terrestrial TV channels. This configuration is suitable when the received signal levels are very weak. The gain control of each input of the amplifier permits the adjustment of the levels of each antenna.

Available with a diplexing input and with two inputs for transponders of different polarities. Its use achieves the best possible signal to noise ratio. Applications SMATV installations requiring the distribution of one satellite polarity together with the rest of the terrestrial TV channels.

Designed to cover all the UHF band with maximum flatness. Supplied in individual or multiple packs. The equip-ment is recommended for installations where it isnecessary to have more professional equipmentthan the usual compact equipment. Power supply unit insulated from the high frequency circuit, complying with safety standards for both the installer and the user. Amplifies and mixes the signals from several antennas.


See the list of cluster filters and kits available for different areas or transmitters in the current price list. By applying these reductions to the maximum output level according to norm DIN B the level of intermodulations can be maintained at 54dB weaker than that of the channels which is undetectable in the TV.

With two SP support frames, it is possible to mount up to 36 modules.

It has a high alcxd which permits ecualize each channel independently. The assembly of the antenna is simple, once installed it is very robust and assures great orientation stability.

Published on Jun View 1. ApplicationsNecessary to supply the amplification modules of the equipment. The tap outputs are amplifiedon the IF satellite band. Supplied with power cable with faston connector for IEC connector equipment.