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CCHpdf. Uploaded by Pedro Figueroa Martínez. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate. CCH (Inspection Steel Castings for HEPP Machines) – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Inspection Steel Castings for HEPP. CCH 70–2, CCH 70–3. DIN part 1, part 2. EN , EN , EN EN , EN EN , EN , EN EN , (ISO.

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The magnetic powder spread over thearea should be made up of a fine uniform coating by adequate meansduring magnetization. T0 facilitate the control of large parts through local magnetization, the surfaces can be marked out in Squares in elementary areas using chalk.

CCHpdf – PDF Free Download

However, all visible indications don’t necessarily correspond to defects, false indications may be caused by any of the following: The surfaces to be inspected must be free of rust, scales, weld spatter or other irregularities whichwould interfere with the transmission of ultrasonic waves or the movement of the probe.

We need your help to maintenance this website. One can use either of the following two longitudinal wave probes: It is therefore applicable for all items having at least one element in cast steel and constituing one part of a hydraulic machine.


The indications given are in no way intended to serve as a rule, neither for the mechanicaltesting ccy nor for thechoice of the non-destructive testing method to be applied. Most books are sold and mailed direct to the customer, by airmail where appropriate. In general a surface finishcorresponding to reference N10 Except in the case of small thicknesses, this curve is plotted with a minimum of3 Points. During these adjustments the intensity must be maintained as low as ccn, the height adjustment of the reference echoes is obtained only through the adjustment of amplification.

In this case each party will have to be aware of several Quality Sheets produced.

CCH 70-3EN

A magneticfield of excessive valuecan cause the appearances cfh aberrant indications because of Saturation. It must be assured that the surface is kept wet during this period. The verified characteristics are: The costs will be spread in accordancewith 5.

The examination must be specified in the Quality Sheet 70- in the technical specification of the Designer probe used, areas to examine, acceptance criteria and must be defined during the call for tender and Placement of the Order. For parts under or over these limits, the control method must be defined by the parties involved.

The poles of an electromagnet fig. Surface preparation intensity depends on the need to reveal finer discontinuities. These blocks are made of Cast steel and presentthe acoustic characteristics which are similar to the material to be inspected. Please email for details. It is related to direct current and is convenientfor parts of simple configuration. They must be able to supply high intensity current at low voltage.


SL the probe is shifted along lines defined for each case. A calibration report is produced.

Table 2 Characteristic values Frequency MHz 1 2 or 4 5 ccn Width of the echo longitudinal waves mm 15 9 5 4 1. Lighting should be higher than Lux. After a developing time of 10 to 20 minutes, the indications will be compared with the acceptance criteria. But the track was very nice, clean and green.

The Designer will not be allowed to impose more severe conditions to the Founder and the Manufacturer than the ones he has accepted himself.

As developer, a suspension ofpowder in a solvent is used. Length of the longest indication. The degree of the indication is expressed in equivalent diameter 1.

For calibrations only the distances between multiple echoes or between two echoes corresponding to distant reflectors of aknown value may be used and not the distance between the pulse transmission and the first echo.

The air gap between the poles andthe Part must be limited to a minimum to avoid magnetic leaks.