Title, Nunca me has gustado. Author, Chester Brown. Translated by, Óscar Palmer. Publisher, Astiberri, ISBN, , Length, I Never Liked You is a graphic novel by Canadian cartoonist Chester Brown. The story first ran .. “Nunca me has gustado, de Chester Brown”. Guía del cómic (in . Nunca Me Has Gustado – Chester Brown. 12 likes. Chester Borwn “Nunca me has gustado” (i never liked you).

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He and Carrie’s older sister Connie, a bossy blonde a year his senior, often hide during hide-and-seek games in tall grass where they spend the time talking with each other, though they have little in common.

To Hatfield, they “[pop] out of nowhere as a dreamlike series of pulses What makes this comic outstanding, to me, is its use of negative space. El Refaie, Elisabeth This is the first time I’ve read the whole thing cover to cover, and I only did so because my friend and fellow cartoonist, Mari, raved about it to me recently. To ask other readers questions about I Never Liked Youplease sign up. Not all hearts sing out loud after all, some go thump, thump, thump, silently to themselves, and all you can see from the hxs is the barest shiver in the cloth covering their chest.

Max Magee found the tone of ms and emotional emptiness comparable to works by contemporaries such as Daniel Clowes and Chris Ware. The cartooning is far looser than in Brown’s earlier work, and concerned more with gesture and expression than literal detail. Brown established his reputation in the early alternative comics scene of the s with the surreal, taboo-breaking Ed the Happy Clown.

Thin lines wrap around simplistic characters and the environment that ensconces them.

Nunca me has gustado – Astiberri Ediciones

His use of an objective, unemotional narrative voice functions in direct contrast to the often-heartbreaking events of this autobiographical story and it works really well, underscoring the major story theme of unexpressed, repressed emotions and the resultant psychic fallout. Of course, lots of th There is legitimately too much going on in here. I found this dull and kind of boring, and I didn’t like any of the characters, especially the lead. Also, Chester loves Saltines.


Jun 14, Weng rated it liked it Shelves: His talent is definitely in storytelling and the strangely jagged narrative coalesced into a collection of memories from his youth. Retrieved from ” https: Spanning most of his childhood, from the fourth grade, when he and Connie shared the walk to school everyday, on into high school, where such easy intimacy seems impossible, Hqs manages to work a kind of minimalist magic.

Nunca me has gustado

I feel like his autobiography works are poor in comparison to his Louis Riel biography work and Ed the Happy Clown and his other fictional work.

Poorly rendered anything is seriously distracting for me and Brown is one of those artists.

Chester Brown seems to be an archetypical awkward, introverted kid, who is mocked by his school mates because he refuses to swear. Comics portal Sexuality portal.

I Never Liked You

Paperbackpages. We are not sure why, but people sure to bug him about it! I Never Liked You is ridden with unspoken guilt over Brown’s own emotional disconnect from the gruesome and protracted death of his mother, making it a meatier read than just an account of post-pubescent awkwardness and sexually charged wrestling.

Feb 24, Samuel rated it really liked it Shelves: Even without all these asides and yes, you wouldn’t think so, but the saltines are prominent enough to qualifythere’s still the fact that Chester is hard to like.

Nov 22, Jenny Gonzalez- Blitz rated it did not like it Shelves: The book appeared amid the early s trend in autobiographical alternative comics, and Brown was one of a prominent trio of Toronto-based autobiographical cartoonists, with Seth and Joe Matt. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Archived from the original on 16 November Which he won’t do. I didn’t see any real moments where he was struggling to interact with others; I jus I found this dull and kind of boring, and I didn’t like any of the characters, especially the lead.

The voyager and the visionary: These pamphlets attracted attention in comic book industry publications, and in the Toronto-based comic book publisher Vortex Comics approached Brown. For my money, Chester Brown’s amazing historical bio of Louis Riel is better. A sparse but unhurried rendering of Brown’s memories of being a teenager who ruthlessly toys with the affections of several starry-eyed girls.


Of course, lots of these panels are taken up with immaterial stuff. Apr 14, East Bay J rated it it was ok Shelves: This article is about the graphic novel.

Hws Read Edit View history. What’s different here is that Chester, while working in a comic-strip form, is not interested in locking these characters into a perpetual childhood, like Charlie Brown or Calvin and Hobbes, and he’s not interested in following in the footsteps of the cartoonish excess of those ghstado either.

Tiene anotaciones al final como de costumbre. This self-indulgent narcissism sits at the centre of the story, with the rest of the plot anchored to it, swirling around it like a plug.

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May 14, Andrew rated it really liked it Shelves: Here are a group of children seen mostly without adult supervision: She connects with Chet and tries to develop a relationship, but he is unable to deal with his emotions and avoids spending time with her.

She talks to Chet and his younger brother Gord about issues that embarrass them, and the religious teaching she has instilled in them has rendered Chet unable to bring himself to swear, for which he is teased and goaded at school.

I was actually stricken aghast when I saw his mother crippled and wasted lying in bed pg and his reluctance to open up. She begs him nas tell her he loves her. This page was last edited on 22 Marchat