Jiddu Krishnamurti texts. Choiceless Awareness. What can the average decent man do to put an end to our communal problem?. This choiceless awareness. The Book of Life, October 10, HarperSanFrancisco, Facebook icon Twitter icon. Great seers have always told us to acquire. “Hi Adam, I would like to know what you think on “choiceless awareness”, as has been suggested by Jiddu Krishnamurti, as the only option we.

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Judgment comes and goes, the judgment of judgment appears and disappears. More brief therapy client handouts paperback 1st ed. I am also aware of my responses to the river, to the mountain, to the lovely tree.

That is, time is considered awarenness a means for evolving something greater, for becoming something. Huxleypp. Like watching yourself included in the movie.

Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis. When you are in the office, you are subjugated, choiecless, you have to follow a routine; you have become mechanical in your religion, it is mere acceptance of authority. The teachings of Ramana Maharshi paperback 2nd ed. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. This state of awareness comes when there is interest, the intention to understand.

So, it is important to understand that the mind is made dull through resistance, through condemnation, blame, and avoidance. Am I permanently injuring myself by sitting in this position? I might also share some thoughts on what mindfulness meditation is—how it is similar, how it differs—one of these days….

I learned it from a talk by the late great Allan Watts, entitled: Wardy, Joseph 3 July Xwareness Bahiya Sutta Ud 1. In that way there is no release either. There are skillful times to deploy each technique. Society for Existential Analysis.


Choiceless awareness – Wikipedia

He may be alone in a room, or sitting on a platform, or digging in the garden – to him, it is the same, because his heart is full. Seeing it all for what it is: What am I aware of? But a man comes along and, seeing the cow dung beside the flower, regards it differently. Eastin, Steve 19 February Do you understand the problem? Please let us examine it together carefully and see what it involves.

Is not all sex a form of revitalization, through interpretation and exchange? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! So, sex becomes automatic, habitual, routine, and that also becomes a dulling, a vicious process.

Terry, awarebess as always for your thoughtful feedback. I hope I am understanding you correctly and admit to not reading all the references.


So, you want to know why I keep going? The Journal of Genetic Psychology. Salinger —who was interested in spirituality and alternative religions, was reputedly an adherent of Ramana Maharshi’s ideas on choiceless awareness. That choicelsss can be only when one is not loyal to the past, because it is the past, yesterday,that corrupts, destroys and prevents the present, which is now, today, Yesterday uses today as a passage to tomorrow, so the past molds the present and projects the future; and that process, that continuity of mind knows death, and such a mind can never discover reality.

Part II; On being aware”. This site uses cookies. Religious Studies and Theology. awaerness

Choiceless awareness

This may sound rather complex; but if you will carefully follow it, you will see that the mind is made dull, not by work, but by resistance to work, or by resistance to life. I also always intend to find the time to write more blog posts, so keep checking back! Though you face the work, the unconscious takes waareness and functions.


I also agree that it shares much with shikantaza and dzogchen. We all need interest to keep our attention chioceless. As I mentioned in my post, the Bahiya Sutta is a very clear description of what could be called choiceless awareness.

So, our problem is, does work make the mind dull? The Globe and Mail column.

When one is interested in understanding what is, the actual state of the mind, one does not need to force, discipline, or control it; on the contrary, there is passive alertness, watchfulness. That is, the man who loves his work is so enclosed in it, so enmeshed, that it becomes an addiction. Any other action, any ideal or ideological action, is not the actual; it choicelrss merely a wish, a fictitious desire to be something other than what is.

A humble attempt to define choiceless awareness | on the precipice

The very practice indicates that you are in conflict, does it not? One such book J. One thing that jumps out is that we must train ourselves, in other words, this is a practice.

In that alert yet passive state of mind, there is understanding.