Nous commençons notre étude par celle des bascules, éléments de base des circuits A partir de ce chronogramme nous pouvons écrire la liste des états. Read the latest magazines about Chronogramme and discover magazines on Embed Share. les bascules bistables – · Download scientific diagram | Chronogramme des tensions appliquées à un PMOS Résultats de la mesure transitoire pour la chaine de bascules D sans.

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EP0218512B1 – Digital frequency divider circuit – Google Patents

B1 Designated state s: All flip-flops of the counter are identical. In all cases the indices carried on the inputs and outputs must be considered modulo 6. The invention will be better understood from reading the following description of a particular embodiment, given by way of example.

For all other scales, the drain of transistor 38 is connected to the bscules Q. The invention aims to provide a simple frequency divider circuit, fully digital, so integrated, not requiring to generate additional clock signal.

The error signal provided by the comparator 12 is subjected to low pass filtering in a filter 14 for picking up the phase error signal.

Modulator-demodulator for four level double amplitude modulation on quadrature carriers.

An initialization phase is necessary, in which the I signal must remain at logic level 1 long enough to force the state of all the latches. At the end of initialization, the first rising edge of clock that is to say when the signal H changes from 0 to 1 at time t0 in Figure 7Q0 returns to 0 and Q1 goes to 1. For this purpose, the invention provides a digital circuit in accordance with the characterizing part of claim 1. The operating range is limited to a frequency band around a nominal value.


Plusieurs constitutions des bascules sont possibles. DE Free format text: Year of fee hcronogramme Analog components used are expensive, difficult to integrate large-scale on silicon together with digital components, sensitive to noise and temperature variations. More generally, we can use flip-flops whose truth tables are those given in Figures 5 and 6 of the request. Figure 3 shows a flip-flop pair B chronogramms and connections are identified correspondingly, 2n can take the values 0, 2 and 4.

The catching time during which the output signal is not usable, is noticeable, which is even more annoying than the operating frequency is high, and this time is higher as we wants to have a wide operating band. Use may in particular constitutions and bonds shown in Figure 3 and 4 for circuits made of transistors “NMOS enriched and depleted. Kind code of ref document: Programmable digital detector for the demodulation of angle modulated basules signals.

This error signal is applied to a voltage controlled oscillator or VCO The circuit operation is as follows, when it receives clock pulses f H frequency. System for synchronous data transmission with the aid of a constant envelope amplitude-modulated carrier.

Logique séquentielle/Mémoires et bascules — Wikiversité

The description referenc to the accompanying drawings, wherein: Country of ref document: The flip-flops have all the same heart, typically consisting of four C-MOS transistors connected in pairs in series, with two crossed gate-drain couplings. Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform.

Using storage elements with multiple delay values to reduce supply current spikes in digital circuits. Several constitutions flops are possible. We already know many frequency divider circuits.

Circuits intégrés des Bascules synchrones , , , 74LS73, 74LS76, CD, CD

Toutes les bascules du compteur sont identiques. This known ring counter makes it possible to obtainfrom a master clock signal at frequency f, at least one lower frequency rectangular signal. Programmable digital clock signal frequency divider module and modular divider circuit. IT Free format text: These disadvantages are particularly serious for consumer applications such as television receivers. It is sufficient to take only the outputs Q of the odd flip-flops for time intervals equal to the duration of a drive pulse between successive pulses.


DE Date of ref document: Most use a phase locked loop, commonly called PLL abbreviation of the English name phase locked loop. A1 Designated state s: Successive signals can be used for decoding addresses sequentially: Other arrangements would provide different frequencies.

Such a circuit to phase-locked loop has disadvantages. B0 latch is forced to the state other latches are forced to 0.

Date of ref document: The recovered frequency signal f is applied to a divider by three 10 whose output is connected to one input of a phase comparator Such a circuit is insensitive to differences in speed between the logical components adaptable to vhronogramme fractional frequency generating M being different from 1 as well as that of several reduced frequency signals, phase shifted relative to each other.

The source of all the transistors 38 is connected to ground and the gates are driven in parallel by the initialisation signal I.

It is necessary to have not only a clock but also the complementary logic signal. H and X inputs of flip-flop receiving the clock signal H and the output Q of chornogramme B 2n.