QDF archive. We have since disposed of our old PC, and with it, our access to Quicken. Is there any way to convert from file into a. Hey Rein, the QDF is the complete datafile. It is not possible to convert into CSV/ QIF etc. There maybe third-party tools or services which may. QDF) file and select OK. Select Convert it!, then select OK. To save your new Quicken Data File .QDF) file, select Save, then select Exit.

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How to convert a Quicken Home and Business .qdf file to a .csv file

Glad to hear you were prepared for that answer, and I hope your Mom is enjoying using using Moneydance. You will have to export qif from quicken. Looking for conversion software or data conversion services. If that is your situation you might be better served to manipulate transactions in Quicken before exporting to the QIF format. How can I transfer my data from Quicken or Money into Moneydance? In order to transfer your data, follow these steps: Experiment freely before committing. I tend to keep clean records, but if as you say, quicken allowed for variability, I could have some entries that might create problems.

Previous conversion convert qdf to pdf Next conversion entry convert qdf to qxf.

After the QIF files are imported, there are sometimes duplicate transactions usually investment, or split transfers comvert Moneydance is unable to automatically eliminate. There are many websites offering file conversion of QDF to CSV files “Online” – without having to download a special program to your computer.

You can start a new cohvert. Thanks for marking this as the answer. You may not, under any circumstances, resell or reproduce any information for commercial use without the express prior written consent of File-Extensions. QIF Files with qif file extension are financial data files saved in the Quicken Interchange Format that is used to transfer accounting and financial data. Plus the fact that I’m something of a hoarder and keep records that go back quite a way.


I don’t have Quicken so I need another way to read the file. I don’t want to re-buy any more Quicken software; I would like to move to Moneydance.

Convert qdf to qif – Find any file converter

The QIF file can then be imported into Moneydance. A file conversion is just a change of the file that was created in one program Conbert file to a form intelligible for another program i.

I bought on cd later I upgraded and I used the download option out of a vague impulse to be environmentally sound I remember thinking at the time that I might regret that decision! I used Quicken for so long that when I went to the version, it could no longer recognize qdf. Convert qdf to qif Find a software converter able to convert qdf files to qif files. I’ve been asking this question everywhere and it seems it is possible but no explaination is provided.

We have found 3 software records in our database eligible for.

I was able to reinstall Quickenbut I think my files are a later version. Hello, I recently convinced my mom to switch from Quicken to Moneydance. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I’m a little confused System closed this discussion on 31 Mar, I’m sorry I don’t have a happier answer for you, but please let me know if I can be of futher assistance, Angie Rauscher Moneydance Support.

Previous conversion convert qdf to pdf. Find a software converter able to convert qdf files to qif files.


This thread is locked. QDF Files with qdf file extension are generally related to Quicken personal finance software. My plan is to create and rename a copy of the qif file, donvert isolate the process from Quicken.

The only way I can think of to do this would be to open your quicken data on a machine that convertt run Quicken. So here I am, my pc has crashed and I have a data file but no software to open it with.

I was bracing for this answer, but thought I’d check if there was a known work-around before assuming it to be true. Is there any way to convert from a.

I think I used Quicken 10, recommended convertt me by another user. Handling all the programs is usually very intuitive and is based on the same pattern of conduct. The option should be deselected cleared and confirmed with OK. If you are importing a QIF file cpnvert was generated outside the USA, you may have to select a specific date format rather than the “automatic” option. We have since disposed of our old PC, and with it, our access to Quicken. Enter any file extension without dot e.

We will briefly discuss a few steps that you always need to go through while changing the format of the QDF file: It is a closed file format that cannot be read by any other personal finance programs. Free forum by Nabble.

I hope the above information helps.