Cranio-Vertebral AnomaliesDR. ANKUR NANDAN VARSHNEY IMS, BHU Varanasi. Cranio vertebral anomalies- overview -. 1. DR. SUMIT KAMBLE SENIOR RESIDENT DEPT. OF NEUROLOGY GMC, KOTA; 2. ANATOMY OF. The craniovertebral junction is the most complex of the axial skeleton, residing between the skull and the upper cervical spine. Congenital, developmental, and .

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Goel A, Kulkarni AG. If the dislocation is sudden and severe, an acute quadriparesis may occur. Such deformities cause only a neck tilt and pain without neuro deficit. Down syndromeachondroplasiaosteogenesis imperfecta Malignancies: Hartshell frame is still being used by many.

Craniovertebral anomalies.

A report of an experience with 24 cases. Goel A, Desai KI.

Acta Neurochir Wien anomaljes If it goes on for years vascular damage may happen with no recovery even after adequate decompression. A-A dislocation is the commonest abnormality, be it congenital or acquired. These are only few odontoid base falls to the above specification.

Craniovertebral junction anomalies – Knowledge for medical students and physicians

In one series they affect children and young adults primarily. Aplasia of atlas arches. This term has been used to denote a separate piece of bone present posterior to the anterior arch of atlas. Irreducible types require open anomaoies operative reduction. Evidence of high cervical cord compression with or without sensory involvement is common.


Gupta S, Goel A. There is male preponderance 1: Open access journal indexed with Index Medicus. At birth odontoid base is separate from the body of axis by a segment of cartilage which persists until the age of eight and the craniovertebfal gets ossified.

Several modification were suggested. In case of disruption at the interface and if atlanto axial dislocation occurs, the remaining part of the odontoid may compress the cervico meduallary region.

Sphincter disturbance is rare. The first effort was in by Osgood, who tried to reduce the dislocation by pushing backwards cranniovertebral atlas via the pharynx while the posterior arch of atlas was pulled back with a thick silk thread, which was then tied to spinous process of axis. J Neurosurg Spine ;1: Occasionally the foramen magnum may be narrowed or the rest of arch of the atlas may be deformed to cause compression of spino medullary junction. Deformities involving the facet joints between atlas and axis may give rise to rotatory dislocation.


Some have recommended methylmethacrylate use.

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It could be partial or complex and may restrict occiptial movement. Paramesial invagination was cranioverfebral in 20, syringohydromyelia in 46, and vertebral segmentation defects in 66 others.

In course of time the dislocation may become fixed leading to progressive deficit. Odontoid and anomaliea of atlas invaginate- Basilar invagination. Quantitative anatomy of lateral masses of the atlas and axis vertebrae. Articles Current Issue Ahead of print Archive.

But the diagnosis of Os odontoideum is much more frequent in clinical practice. Occipito-atlantal dislocation is rare. Malformations of occipital bone: