cromatografía de líquidos interacción hidrófila · cromatografía de interacción hidrofóbica · cromatografía de intercambio de iones · cromatografía de líquidos. La enzima extracelular, purificada mediante ultra-filtración y Cromatografía de Interacción Hidrofóbica, consiste en una cadena de polipéptido de PM 25, Da. METODO PARA AISLAR Y PURIFICAR CONJUGADOS DE TOXINAS USANDO CROMATOGRAFIA DE INTERACCION HIDROFOBICA. LAS MEZCLAS.

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Cromatografía de afinidade – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

It should be borne on mind that Hf. The active fractions that separately emerged from the column Fig. Effect of salt concentration on CS proteolytic activity. Materials and methods All chemicals and reagents were analytical grade Sigma, Chem. First, for the removal of the exopolysaccharide component a selective ultrafiltration procedure was carried out.

The optical density of the relative enzyme activity was found as above.

¿Qué es la HPLC y Cómo Funciona?

After incubation, the NaCl concentration was adjusted to 2. Our study, however, has shown that the extracellular protease activity of Hf.

Physiological and Biochemical Adaptation in Halophilic Microorganisms. This treatment evidenced the enzyme instability at low salt concentration and led us to consider the addition of salt to preserve se whenever required. As with most halophilic enzymes [63], the purified protease of Hf. Additionally, a negative control was prepared using Tris buffer instead of the culture supernatant.


The effect of NaCl concentration on enzyme hixrofobica at high temperature was measured as follows: We all try to be faithful following his example of devotion for science.

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Mediterranei to different kinds of salts, including ammonium sulfate, resulted in a considerable loss of activity. Optimum salt concentration, pH, and temperature studies on enzyme activity of the purified protease. Esta enzima pertenece a la clase de serina-proteasas que pueden encontrar atractivas aplicaciones industriales. We may ascribe that failure to inappropriate experimental conditions to preserve enzyme activity.

Optimum salt concentration, pH, and temperature studies on enzyme activity of the purified protease 1.

Cromatografía de afinidade

The cromatogdafia of Hf. After this period, the proteolytic activity was found using 0. The anion effect was studied by dialysis of CS10 fraction against equimolar 2. This characteristic imposes many restrictions in their detection and in the choice of an appropriate purification technique.

Hence, the following experiments were run with 0.

To date, several enzymes from Hf. Although cromatogrzfia halophilic enzymes may be reactivated from the salt-free solutions [21, ], and this facilitates their purification using standard methods, i. Extremophiles4 However, with casein Hf. Aceptado el 27 de mayo del The reaction was ended removing the insoluble material by filtration through a Whatman filter paper and the absorbance at nm measured against the corresponding blank.


The temperature and salt concentration effect on hidroofbica activity was determined as follows: A large improvement in enzyme recovery was achieved when the chromatography was carried out in a column equilibrated with 2. Biochemie, 82 Effect of cations on the enzyme production and activity. Microbiologia, 12 Academic Press, Orlando,8 These features made the application of the above purification techniques inadequate and, therefore, an alternative procedure had to be explored. Properties of the purified protease Table 3 describes the effect of different ions on the activity of the purified extracellular protease of Hf.

Plenum Press, New York.

This denaturation is irreversible, as observed also with other halophilic archaebacteria [36, 38, 39]. A similar optimum temperature was reported for the protease activity of Hb.

Unfortunately, they were not successful in the isolation and purification of a similar enzyme from Hf. Acta, A decreasing interaccjon gradient of NaCl from 5. Experientia, 29 Biochimie60 To determine the optimum NaCl concentration required for CS protease stability, two different experiments were carried out: This concentrated protease material free of exopolysaccharides was designated as CS-EP.