Shri Lal Bahadur Shasri, Prime Minister of India, visited Anand on 31st October for inauguration of the Cattle Feed Factory of Amul at Kanjari. As he was. CSR activity at AMUL – Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A report. amul csr ppt. Uploaded by amaygujrati. csr activity done by amul ..!!!!!!!! Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Download as PPT or read online from.

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Kurien in with a donation of Rs. In an era of global warming, Amul is contributing its share in making Gujarat lush green.

Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way

Every function involves human intervention: Invariably the price paid to the member-producers in Gujarat is higher by 15 per cent than the national average. In many villages the milk producer members planted the trees after performing the Puja worship of saplings before planting them. To put this idea in to the practice a design team constituting of representatives of member unions were formed.

Pointwise methodology for implementation of tree plantation programme cer such a mass scale is as following. Sorry, your browser does not support script.

What do I need to do? What else will I need to start running the shop? But AMUL has shown the way. Since men are the basis for achieving the CSR, the GCMMF lays emp-hasis on their development into competent, courteous, credible, reliable, responsive communicators and performers. MUs conducted survey after 5 months to find out the survival rate of sapling under the programme. The feeling, therefore, is that it ought to be managed by those who are likely to run it most efficiently — not necessarily by the entrenched elite.

Besides the production and marketing of milk and milk products, the Kaira Union provides technical advice to other milk schemes and to organizations interested in dairy schemes. Improving Operational Efficiency Perhaps the strongest — and best documented ov argument for engaging employees in environmental practices is the connection between csr involvement and increased operational efficiency. The Trust reconstructed 6 schools damaged by the above earthquake at a cost of Rs.


The inception activtiies these awards dates back to But greening one’s business is no small feat. Education in a non-school sense is also spreading.

It has been estimated that when one tree is cut, in monetary terms there is loss or Rs. The coordinator at Milk Union level chalked out overall action plan for the programme and assigned roles and responsibilities and area of operation to each member of task force.

The Government of India Ministry of Community Development and Cooperation propose to organize very shortly a National Federation of Dairy Cooperatives with head quarters at Anand, so that with support of technical experts of the Kaira Union at vigorous programme for establishing dairy cooperatives in the country could be taken up. To fulfill its corporate social responsibility towards its milk producers and co-operatives the GCMMF works on razor thin profits and retention of funds.

Member Unions were informed about the programme and channels of procurement of saplings, almost six month before to scheduled date of programme.

Further out of the net profit of Rs 7. Since men are the basis for achieving the CSR, the GCMMF lays emp- hasis on their development into competent, courteous, credible, reliable, responsive communicators and performers.

Corporate social responsibility is a process in which all companies come together as one and take part in the welfare of the od. To encourage outstanding children of farmers in pursuing higher studies Amul introduced scholarship schemes in It has developed in-house modules for training and competence building to improve and up grade of their knowledge; communication skills to understand the customer, be responsive to customer requirements, and communicate clearly for trouble shooting of problems.

Financial Responsibility We are seeing an unprecedented level of government programs and initiatives designed to auml corporate decision-making within markets that include manufacturing, construction, etc. A member can pay up this loan by getting Rs.

CSR of Amul Archives – India’s Largest CSR Network

Secondly I would like to thank my parents and friends who helped me a lot in finishing this project within the limited time. Indeed, a very tough task. Point wise Methodology of execution of programme is activoties following: Every year the outstanding children are identified from the villages and scholarships are provided to fulfill their dream of achieving academic excellence.


In last ten years to the milk producers have planted around Its bid to enter the Japanese market in did not succeed, but it plans to venture again.

Through this letter, I propose to share with you what I saw there and its importance in the context of the programme envisaged for the establishment of a co-operative dairies all over the country during the Fourth Plan. What will be my obligations as an Amul Preferred Outlet?

By establishing a steady and remunerative market for the milk that is produced throughout the year, this union has given the farmers an incentive to adopt scientific practices of animal husbandry to produce more milk with lower cost of production and thereby to further increase their income. Who also helped me in doing lots of research and I came to know about so many things I am really thankful to them. Therefore, it is important for all companies to strive together and adapt corporate social responsibility standards to make the society better than before.

It believes that technology and capital are replicable inputs but not the human capital.

Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way

For the organizations of the future, considerations about the long-term environmental impact of their actions will have to become an integral part of their business philosophy.

The generic market is characterized by an interchangeability of products. Log In Sign Up. Many national and multinational firms are booming in various developing countries. The amup at Milk Union level chalked out overall action plan for the programme and assigned ajul and responsibilities and area of operation to each member of task force.

For More Details Visit: At the village level, coordinators were identified in respect of the villages to be covered and the number of saplings required.